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XTIVIA is an award-winning information technology solutions, consulting, and development company. After 24 years, and over 10,000 projects completed, we are well-known for doing whatever it takes to help you
“Make IT Work Better”.

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XTIVIA stands apart.

Long-lasting relationships, working to your advantage.

Bringing businesses together in a variety of industries for more than 20 years.

Projects, Partnerships and Award-winning implementations.

Dynamic. Diverse. Dedicated. Be part of
the XTIVIA Team.

What Value Do We Offer You?

Best of Breed Software & Solutions: We don’t produce our own software, so we aren’t trying to sell you something that isn’t the best option. We are focused on customer needs and always use the best tools for the job.

Best Practices: Over the decades, we have figured out what works and what does not. We’ve developed frameworks and other innovations that help speed up the process and ensure your solution delivers the success you want.

Consulting & Strategy: As a consulting company at heart, we are able to look at your situation from a strategic, high-level, planning, holistic, and long-term perspective to ensure we cover all the bases and build to last.

Credibility & Leadership: We’ve been selected to deliver projects for some of the top brands in the world such as Hewlett-Packard, Kraft, Nintendo, and Alaska Airlines just to name a few. We’ve completed over 10,000 projects, have hundreds of developers with many certifications, and have won dozens of awards. Be comfortable knowing we can best handle your project.

Customer Service: We have a total focus on the customer. We are very open and transparent about everything, and believe that even if we make a mistake, being up-front and open about it has served us and our customers better in the long run.

Long Term Relationships: We are in this for the long game...there is a reason we have been around for going on 25 years. Building long-term relationships with our customers is good for our customers, and good for our business as well. There is a reason most of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers.

One Stop Shop: Our capabilities keep growing as we acquire companies, hire new people, and train our technologists. At this point we can do so many different things for you that many of them may not appear on our website. Being a one-stop shop allows you...

Partner Relationships: We are partners with some of the largest players in the market, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and others. To be in their partner programs takes time, expertise, and demonstrated success with their products, all of which we have achieved.

Proactive Problem Solving: Because we have experience going from one company to another, we gain the advantage of being able to spot and avoid costly problems before they arise at your company, often saving you a lot of time and money.

Teamwork: Often, the winningest sports teams are when the same players have been on the team playing together for years. That’s what it's like at XTIVIA, with many of our top management and technical talent having been working together for 10 or 20 years. And they are all focused on ensuring you have a successful project.

Technical expertise: We only hire the best of the best at XTIVIA. We’ve been called to come and rescue projects where the internal technical teams, or outside vendors get stuck. We have always been able to develop success where others have failed.

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