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XTIVIA is committed to lasting, fruitful relationships with both clients and employees.

Our team comes from all over the world, handpicked for their expertise. As a result, we’ve built a diverse and highly adaptive group that handles every challenge thrown their way.
We believe in enjoying our work, and those we work with. That’s why we built, and continue to build, a friendly and inviting environment. We don’t just put on a face—we’re smart, passionate, and agile from the inside out. Our healthy work culture shows: in the poise and friendliness of our people. Are you honest, hardworking, smart, and dependable? XTIVIA would love to have you. To apply for a job with XTIVIA, please visit the Dice job listings and submit your application there.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

In order to recruit—and retain—the most experienced and talented people, XTIVIA offers a highly competitive and comprehensive benefits package. We view our employees as part of our corporate family, so our benefits extend beyond our employees to include their families.

Key Benefits include:

Medical: XTIVIA offers three employee medical plans to meet individual and family medical needs.

Dental: XTIVIA provides a PPO dental plan to employees and their families for individual and family dental health needs.

Disability: XTIVIA offers disability insurance for situations in which an employee cannot work due to an illness or injury not caused by employment at XTIVIA, or when an employee is entitled to temporary workers’ compensation at a rate less than the daily disability benefit amount.

Workers’ Compensation: At no cost to the employee, XTIVIA covers occupational injuries or illnesses through our workers’ compensation insurance policy.

401(k) Plan: We’re no strangers to planning for the future, so we offer a 401(k) plan to our employees.

Time Off: We understand the importance of personal time away from work. We provide all eligible employees with accrued paid time off (vacation and personal days) each year. Paid time off is accrued based on length of employment.

Holiday Pay: We recognize that holidays are a time for family and friends to be together. National holidays are designated as time off for our employees to enjoy time with loved ones.

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To apply for a job with XTIVIA, please visit the Dice job listings and submit your application there.

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