Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing and Retail
are just some of the industries we’ve gained experience in over the last 24 years.


XTIVIA first partnered with this banking client 4 years ago to provide all of their DB2 database support needs. This client was originally using DB2 on z/OS and XTIVIA led the project to build a new DB2 UDB server on 64 bit Linux and migrate their database to it. Over the last 4 years, XTIVIA has helped this client grow and designed and implemented a replication solution, using DB2’s SQL Replication feature, in order to provide a reporting database for their internal staff.

XTIVIA also built a Disaster Recovery solution using DB2’s High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) feature so they could meet their SLA’s. XTIVIA continues to monitor and support our client daily under its Virtual-DBA Remote DBA solution for DB2 with a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Substantial improvement in performance of Microsoft SQL Server database environment combined with Virtual-DBA remote database administration support services for a leading lender. XTIVIA provided a Health Check and followed with implementation services of the recommendations report and improved performance by a factor of 10 times and has improved data safety. This Banking industry customer also needed assistance in implementing a Disaster Recovery plan. XTIVIA planned, implemented, and tested the DR (Disaster Recovery) plan. XTIVIA provides ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that performance, reliability and data safety are optimized. As part of the Virtual-DBA service XTIVIA is available overnight and on weekends to perform maintenance tasks and other projects like upgrades, data refreshes, code rollouts and any other task a DBA might be asked to perform. XTIVIA was able to provide expert DBA capabilities to this customer at a cost substantially below what it would cost to hire a full-time DBA.

A federally chartered savings bank, also a wholly owned subsidiary of major national retailer worked with XTIVIA in a variety of ways to transform its credit data warehouse. XTIVIA’s involvement started with education. Some of the Client team members attended XTIVIA’s architecture and methodology training course (RAPID architecture, created by Dr. Bob Conway) and realizing the full value of the methodology, decided to implement the architecture as part of the CDW transformation. Over the period of several months, XTIVIA helped this client with the entire solutions delivery cycle including program/project management, dimensional modeling, DW architecture implementation, ETL architecture and implementation, BI front end development and end-to-end testing. A wide variety of industry leading technology stack that was the best fit for this client was recommended and used. Overall, XTIVIA was able to provide the right methodology, approach and execution to build a truly successful BI program.


For a leading financial market services and technology provider, XTIVIA performed a migration/upgrade of an unsupported Informix environment running on SCO Unix to a current Informix version Red Hat Linux environment. The system contained three databases with applications consisting of a mixture of PowerBuilder, Informix 4GL, C-routines and shell scripts. The purposes of the 4GL applications are to verify, store, retrieve and report accumulated data and transfer certain data to the accounting system.

The 4GL programs were especially complex due to the nature of the business logic they contained and it was decided based on project timelines it was most prudent to preserve and migrate the 4GL code to the new environment instead of porting to a new technology at the time of system migration. The PowerBuilder screens are used to capture/modify input data. The migration required XTIVIA porting the server applications to Linux and then migrating the databases during very tight maintenance windows. XTIVIA responded to the client’s Informix database and application issues during their test cycles and performed troubleshooting, performance tuning, and code fixes as required. The new system was planned to allow for ample growth of business in order to provide continued performance. A complete Disaster Recovery plan was also designed and implemented by XTIVIA.

A major global bank reached out to XTIVIA to perform a BI assessment. Apart from assessing the current state, the effort was focused on creating a future state as well as a roadmap to implement all the business intelligence oriented objectives and goals. XTIVIA provided a team of two senior BI architects with extensive experience in assessing current architecture state, providing key business (people and processes) as well as technical (future state architecture and roadmap) insights. The total effort was around 4 weeks and resulted in the following deliverables:

  • Overall BI technical architecture assessment and recommendations
  • BI Group skills and staffing level assessment and recommendations
  • BI Group – Business Unit interaction process assessment and recommendations
  • Source data systems assessment and recommendations
  • Data architecture assessment and recommendations
  • Target BI/DW Architecture (includes technical, data, organization, and business process architectures)
  • BI Roadmap
  • Descriptions of potential benefits of improved BI environment

Our client was very pleased with the results we were able to produce in a short time and armed with all the right tools, they have been able to make strategic and tactical decisions around the BI program in particular and business processes improvements in general.


Dramatic database performance improvement for expanding 3 hospital client. XTIVIA has worked closely with a major healthcare client and its staff for the past five years to assist them with their Oracle database needs. Their database was initially running on Oracle 9i and XTIVIA participated in the design, building, and migration to a new 32-bit Oracle 10G/Oracle Fail Safe 2 node environment. A few years later, they had a total of three hospitals being serviced by this database. As a result, the number of database users more than doubled and they started to reach the limits and resources of a 32-bit environment.

XTIVIA worked closely with this client’s system administrators to design, build, and test a 64-bit Oracle 11g/Oracle Fail Safe 2 node cluster running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. XTIVIA successfully migrated the database to this new 64-bit Oracle 11G/Oracle Fail Safe environment. Performance of the database improved drastically and the customer is very satisfied.

Ambulatory Clinic reverses downward growth trend with XTIVIA Business Intelligence strategy. XTIVIA worked with a large ambulatory medical clinic organization which has been struggling with data and reporting issues for many years. They were suffering from many of the usual symptoms: long time to develop new reports, data quality issues, inconsistent results, lots of manual effort, and redundant reporting activities. They recognized that their business was suffering from these issues but, more importantly, they recognized they would not be able to grow if these issues were not addressed. After a thorough screening process, XTIVIA was selected to assess their current environment, design a BI strategy and solution that would allow them to use their data effectively, and build a roadmap to enable them to achieve their BI goals. XTIVIA provided three senior level architects that performed the engagement and delivered a BI strategy that was fully endorsed and championed by the CEO, CIO, CFO, and CMO. (One of the senior BI architects was also retained to fill the role of interim BI director and assist in the search for a full time BI director.) The recommendations included a target architecture, as well as process and organizational changes, which would be critical to the success of the program. The organization accepted all the recommendations and is enthusiastically and successfully moving forward with the program.

Health insurance provider becomes more adept at implementing sustainable change strategies. XTIVIA’s Organizational Development department worked directly with the senior leadership of the Western Region of a large health insurance provider to improve how managers work with and through their peers to optimize organizational strategies. The program included all levels of leadership from supervisors to the President. At the conclusion of the program, major strategic projects that required cross-organizational cooperation were identified, prioritized, and chartered. The process became a part of new-manager orientation for many years following the initial program. Peer coaching created accountability and assured that the new behaviors endured.


Since 2008, XTIVIA has provided database administration support for the largest managed healthcare company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. XTIVIA migrated their production Informix environment to new hardware while upgrading from IDS 10 to Informix Version 11.5. As the client has grown, XTIVIA has continued to tune the instance to maintain optimal performance.

XTIVIA has also helped to keep hardware costs down by modifying their backup script to reduce the size of the archive file. XTIVIA continues to provide ongoing monitoring through our Virtual-DBA remote database administration solution. The client demonstrated their satisfaction with our service by increasing their service level from business-hour monitoring to 24/7 support.

A large organization dedicated to providing business operations and administrative support to the 1,800 providers regionally reached out to XTIVIA to assist with the following tasks.

  1. Assessment of the decision support environment;
  2. Observations and recommendations;
  3. High-level roadmap for implementation of the recommended decision support solution and
  4. Analysis and comparison of leading front-end report/query/visualization tools.

XTIVIA completed an assessment of the current state (technical as well as people/process), identified key drivers and provided future state for the decision support systems. The following key deliverables were produced as part of the engagement that lasted approximately 12 weeks.

  1. Recommended Decision Support strategy and approach, including high-level roadmap
  2. Resource requirements and gaps
  3. Analysis of leading visualization tools relevant to the organization.
  4. Solution architecture that will identify (at a high-level):
  • Key requirements to be addressed
  • Key sources of data to be used in the solution
  • Logical technical architecture needed to support a DW and reporting solution Recommendations for tools to consider (was a short list of technologies that make sense for this solution)
  • Recommendations for practical next steps
  • Skills, approximate timeframes, and resources required to implement the recommended next steps

This client has analyzed all the recommendations internally and continues to work with XTIVIA to implement the recommendations, specifically in the culture changes required to make a DW initiative successful and focus on data governance as a starting point to prepare for a bigger data architecture oriented initiative.


XTIVIA was initially contacted to perform disaster recovery procedures and efforts to restore a manufacturing client’s production environment following a serious power outage that lasted for more than a day. XTIVIA discovered that the UPS device failed to gracefully shutdown the database servers which lead to corruption of OS file systems and Oracle database files on the production server. XTIVIA Oracle Engineers worked with this client to effectively address this disaster/recovery scenario. The following steps and tasks were performed during this period:

  • XTIVIA moved the production database to a Disaster Recovery (DR) server by doing a restore using RMAN (Recovery Manager) backup files.
  • XTIVIA re-built the production database server:
  • XTIVIA, working with client staff, Installed the Linux OS, properly set up and configured a Dell Power S220 external SAN, configured and tested APC management card via Powerchute so that the servers are gracefully shutdown in the event of a long-lasting power outage, designed and implemented a robust backup plan and strategy for their Oracle 9i production database environment.

As per our recommendations, we worked and assisted this client in building a new and updated and more robust Oracle 10G production database environment. The effort was performed in conjunction with both the server hardware vendor (Dell) and application vendor (Infor) to properly set things up and perform testing of the Visual/VMFG application on this newly assembled Oracle 10G/Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4 platform. XTIVIA presently continues to assist and provide effective and proactive Oracle remote DBA monitoring and support to this client as needed under the Virtual-DBA remote database administration service.

A major manufacturing company highly respected in the design and production of rugged and semi-rugged cases to safeguard technology and other valuables decided to work with XTIVIA to augment their existing team with critical roles of BI Architect, ETL architect, and ETL developer. Over the course of several days, XTIVIA worked with this client to understand the culture and got to know key people in order to better serve them. With our approach (honed over a long period of time), we were able to provide the right resources (not only technical skill-set but also a good cultural fit) to this client. XTIVIA was able to do this without any red tape and ensured that the partnership worked best for our client. This client continues to regard XTIVIA as a trusted go-to partner.


Virtual-DBA remote database administration support services provided for apparel retailer with over 200 stores and online stores. XTIVIA has worked closely with this retailer for several years providing remote database administration monitoring and support services for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Informix database systems. As this client has multiple platforms and a single DBA it was simple math for them to recognize the savings of bringing in XTIVIA to support their environment.

XTIVIA not only provides coverage when their primary DBA is out of the office but also provides the multiple platform expertise, the 24×7 support coverage, the critical database monitoring, and the ability to grow and shrink their support needs as project workload dictates while allowing their single DBA to have a life outside of the office and also have a project management role overseeing their entire environment with the XTIVIA team doing most of the heavy lifting. The company relies on XTIVIA to keep their critical systems running and attack any performance or reliability problems if they arise, while saving money on DBA resource.

An industry leading retail farm and ranch store brand in America decided to work with XTIVIA to formulate its future strategy with XTIVIA’s help. Apart from reviewing the current state, this client was most interested in a future state architecture to facilitate dashboard with key performance indicators updated on a near real-time basis. XTIVIA conducted a BI assessment with a focus on maturity and scalability of the current solution as well as speed of delivery to all of the client retail stores. XTIVIA provided two senior BI architects to complete this engagement in a relatively short period of time. These types of engagements have been very beneficial for our clients of all sizes and industry affiliation. They generally are strategic in nature and the outcomes provide a clearer picture of the current state with a fully charted roadmap on how to develop a BI program in future.

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