INNOVATIONS: BRISK – Big Data Real Insight Solutioning Kit

Big Data Real Insight Solutioning Kit (BRISK) is an accelerator that delivers data in real-time to your business users without any coding from your IT staff. BRISK delivers the data to Hadoop with known and familiar technologies like JMS, SOAP, REST, Java, C, C++, etc. Your IT Team does not need to be experts in Hadoop ecosystem technologies to deliver cutting edge real-time big data solutions. New data sources can be incorporated into the big data solution in a matter of days through drag and drop configurations in the BRISK UI. The data sources can be relational databases, files, or any business systems implemented in any language.

For example, let’s say your CMO wants to see real-time analysis on which ad channels are producing the most leads and the highest revenue on an e-commerce website during their Black Friday sales. This needs data from website analytics, Google Adwords, lead management system, and the e-commerce shopping cart system. Without BRISK, this will be a custom IT project that might take $50K-$150K and 6 months to complete. With BRISK, this is likely a 2-day internal project.

BRISK also provides your users the ability to search and validate the data stored in Hadoop without any SQL or custom UI development. BRISK integrates with corporate LDAP to enforce data level authorization. Any Analytics, Data Visualization or Aggregate reporting is implemented in your favorite BI tool of choice – Spotfire, Tableau, Qlik, SAS, etc.

Key Features
  • Stores structured and unstructured data in Hadoop
  • Supports both Push and Pull data movement patterns
  • Parses and stores XML data
  • Supports search and retrieval of stored data through user friendly GUI
  • Supports following data channels
    • JMS
    • SOAP
    • REST
    • JDBC
    • Files                                                                                                                                                             
  • Drag and drop customization of data sources
  • Real-time injection of data into Hadoop
  • Enforces Authorization through LDAP integration
  • Implements Templates for search and retrieval of data
  • Sharable templates across multiple users
  • Implements SMTP and SNMP notifications
  • Supports Analytics and Visualizations through third party tools
  • High Availability
  • High Scalability
  • Supports Load Balancing
  • Supports Load Partitioning


  • Save months, and significant costs, of custom coding solutions
  • Flexible solutions that can be easily extended or customized in an Agile Model
  • Easily extensible to add additional data sources
  • A Solution built on familiar technologies – ESB, Microstrategy, etc.
  • User-friendly interface for business and technical support users
  • Proactive notifications
  • High-quality standardized solutions across the Enterprise
  • Low entry cost to BIG DATA
  • Significant operational cost savings

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