Jaspersoft Reports,
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Easy, fast and cost-effective self-service
reporting solutions using Jaspersoft.

Reporting & Analytics Drive Performance

The sooner all your employees have access to the right interactive reports and embedded analytics, all of your executives have mobile access to consolidated corporate Dashboards and Mashboards, the better your company will be able to perform and meet your customer's needs. That could gain you the competitive edge you need in this market.

Why TIBCO Jaspersoft?

Easy For IT to Manage with Self-Service Business Reporting

Set up BI dashboards and reports from a variety of data sources so that everyone is enabled with actionable insights in real-time, and not forced to rely on IT to get reports. Jaspersoft provides open standards-based BI platform that can easily integrate into your IT environment, while also providing all end users with fully managed self-service capabilities, including:

Interactive, App-Embedded Reporting

Dashboard & Visualization Interface

Full Analytics 

Embedded Reporting With Contextual Intelligence

Rather than users logging in to a different reporting interface, imagine your reports and dashboards with contextual data embedded inside your existing applications. Provide highly reliable application intelligence closer and faster to the end user. Jaspersoft is a well-proven reporting and business intelligence solution and one in which XTIVIA has years of experience.


Using a multi-tenancy architecture will provide the ability to host multiple sets of users and data, while keeping them securely isolated, and through economies of scale and shared infrastructure will lower costs. Additionally, managing a single platform’s service, upgrades, performance, and hardware scalability needs becomes quite efficient.

What XTIVIA Provides

Fast and Affordable Proof-of-concepts

We will help you quickly and affordably implement a variety of use cases to help identify proper next steps in your business intelligence, application reporting, and data analytics journey.

Reports and Jumpstarts

  • Fast set up of Reports, Advanced & Embedded App Reporting, and Executive Dashboards
  • Quick Install Services

Full Lifecycle Implementations

  • Full Enterprise Installations
  • Full Integration with Existing Applications and Infrastructure
  • Consulting and Advisory Planning and Strategy Services
  • Fully Managed Application and Database Services
  • Production Assistance, data preparation for reporting/dashboards
  • Performance Optimization and Technical Support


TIBCO/Jaspersoft’s open-source solutions enable you to leverage truly disruptive technology— without the shocking price tag. Jaspersoft contains functionality for all major business intelligence sub-systems, including big data visualizations, production reporting, ad hoc or data discovery, ETL and multi-dimensional engines. As a Jaspersoft partner, we can provide you with a very competitive custom quote, so contact us today.

More Information

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