Spotfire Analytics

Whether your company is seeking strategic
analytics to employ throughout your enterprise,
or tactical analytics to embed into your existing
processes, our Spotfire custom solutions will
produce amazing results.

Analytics, Simplified

At XTIVIA, we believe ALL actions should be informed by insights provided by BI software. We also believe that collaboration fosters a better decision-making environment. Spotfire’s contextual collaboration capabilities support this natural decision-making process—from spontaneous brainstorming to formalized workflow decisions—to a new level in social analytics. Whether your company is seeking strategic analytics to employ throughout your enterprise or tactical analytics to embed into your existing processes, XTIVIA’s Spotfire solutions can help.


With Spotfire’s collaborative BI approach, you can capture and socialize moments of insight, ideas, and hypotheses with peers, advisers and customers—whether in an existing portal or through a Spotfire client. From there, you have the power to make more informed and transparent decisions with greater efficiency. These rich discussions and content provide valuable context for decisions. And because these capabilities are role-based, the analyses are shared securely, auditable at will and preserved over time.


Using TIBCO, XTIVIA will enable your users to utilize powerful analytic capabilities without needing a background in statistics—while also enabling statisticians to ensure compliance and proper usage. This will help you to leverage your existing analytic investments and skills to improve decision-making across your organization.


Spotfire’s award-winning data visualization capabilities make it incredibly easy to create quickly digestible operational dashboards and analytic applications. Spotfire brings the power of visualization-based data discovery to everyone in your organization—department managers, individual contributors, top execs—everyone. Through instant interaction and sharing, you can spot opportunities and risks buried in the data before anyone else.


We build solutions, plain and simple. We identify problems and solve them—for others—for you.
To understand your business needs, we have to understand your technology challenges.
At XTIVIA, the relationship is step one.

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