XTIVIA offers a full range of SugarCRM consulting services for our clients.

SugarCRM Overview

As a SugarCRM Partner since 2009, we implement with the specific skills needed for the SugarCRM platform and the associated technologies to guarantee success in your initiative. Whether you need basic consulting to help you get started, end-to-end CRM project implementation services or something in between, our team of certified SugarCRM Professionals can help.

XTIVIA can support your SugarCRM initiative in a variety of situations. Our portfolio of SugarCRM services ranges from assessments and recommendations to complete implementation and deployment. Our services uniquely blend mentoring, skills transfer, and consulting services to help you get your SugarCRM project up and running quickly. XTIVIA also offers a variety of training options to help you get the most out of your CRM system.

Infor CRM Features

  • Open Source
  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Mobile Offerings
  • Dashboards
  • Social Media


Our SugarCRM Services include:

  • SugarCRM consulting, development and integration with requirements analysis gathering—for both new and existing implementations
  • SugarCRM demonstrations for staff and stakeholders
  • SugarCRM configuration and customization
  • Pre-sales engineering and proof-of-concept development
  • Database migration and integration
  • SugarCRM development
  • Reporting and dashboard creation
  • SugarCRM Mobile development
  • Customized end-user training
  • Customized administrative training

XTIVIA’s SugarCRM services focus on making life easy for the user. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions based on the market-leading open-source SugarCRM platform. Because it’s the best value of any CRM on the market, you get a real bang for your buck.

Want your system hosted in the cloud? No problem. Rather keep your database in-house, on your own servers? No problem. With the open-source solution behind SugarCRM, the options are endless. XTIVIA can show you how SugarCRM adapts easily to your unique business processes; you can alter the look and feel of the application, add custom fields or modules, integrate with third-party or legacy systems and more. These solutions give you a 360-degree view of your customer at all times, allowing you to improve sales, drastically decrease your customer service response time—and most importantly, keep your customers happy.

Salesforce Integration with XTIVIA

  • ERP Integration: With XTIVIA’s CRM services, you can easily integrate SugarCRM with any number of third-party ERP and financial applications. We can use third-party plug-ins to integrate with ERP tools like Sage ERP, or we can build a completely custom integration. With SugarCRM, either process can be accomplished.

  • Database Integration: Integrate SugarCRM with your ERP system or any back-end database. In a data warehouse scenario where you want to push or pull data, or in any other back-end situation, XTIVIA applications with SugarCRM can fit your needs.

  • Mobile Apps: In today’s world, you need to be able to access valuable customer information anytime, from anywhere. SugarCRM’s user-friendly mobile applications make it possible. With real-time access to your live CRM system from any device, you can track your customers and sync any of your customizations on the go.

  • Bring In, Push Out: By utilizing ETL, you can bring in data to SugarCRM from other systems as well as push data out of SugarCRM into your other back-end systems—providing a full view of your customers and processes at all times.

  • Analytics: The quality and integrity of your data drives the authenticity of your SugarCRM database. XTIVIA’s unique combination of reporting experience and business expertise can bring your data to life—empowering you to make better-informed, real-time business decisions.

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