Netezza Data
Warehousing Solutions

Answer the challenge of big data
using IBM's Netezza appliance-based
solutions backed by XTIVIA's expert services.

Netezza Appliance Solutions


Answer the challenge of big data using Netezza appliance-based solutions backed by XTIVIA's expert services.

Typical Situation

Your company’s data sets are growing exponentially as you tap into new data sources in order to stay on the cutting edge of your industry. You are are now managing legacy data as well as a constant stream of new data. Your current technologies were barely sufficient—now it’s critical that you optimize your data warehouse infrastructure for current and future data growth and management. You may be experiencing frustration with delays in data querying and report generation, and your standard queries and reports may no longer be maximizing your data mining capacity. Your current DBAs are tapped out as they manage your data warehouse environment as well as respond to emergent data analysis and reporting needs. XTIVIA's IBM Netezza data warehousing services is focused on the following areas:

  • Strategic Alignment: Our experts work with your company's unique data warehouse status, needs and desired end state.
  • Information Use and Analysis: XTIVIA will work with your data architecture to optimize speed, simplicity, scalability and smart data analytics while leveraging Netezza's fast time-to-value capabilities.
  • Data Warehouse Management: Tap into Netezza's low administration overhead, low TCO and fast time-to-value capabilities.
  • Technical Readiness and Training Needs: Assess and plan all knowledge transfer needs for your technical and user staff.
  • Sound Investment Strategy: Our expert services will ensure that the Netezza appliance meets your company’s business and technical needs in a timely manner, so you can start leveraging the benefits of your investment right away.

The XTIVIA Approach

Using a team of experts in the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance, XTIVIA will:

  • Assess your data warehouse needs with regards to speed, simplicity, scalability and smart analytics capacity.
  • Review existing data architectures for optimal fit, manage the Netezza deployment and optimize the appliance, out of the box.
  • Create and review documentation of the data warehouse deployed.
  • Optimize Netezza’s time to value and cost of ownership.
  • Facilitate learning for key staff on the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance.
  • Facilitate a proof-of-concept engagement with Netezza appliances.
  • Recommend a data warehouse deployment strategy built around Netezza appliances. including key milestones and typical issues to leverage the implementation process and mitigate risk.


This type of engagement typically produces:
  1. Assessment of current large volume data warehousing needs
  2. Recommendations to address issues identified by assessment
  3. Support for knowledge transfer and implementation of best practices
  4. Roadmap and/or proof-of-concept engagement using Netezza appliance
  5. Production deployment of Netezza appliance engagement using expert services

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Netezza Test Drive

Test-drive best-in-class technology and accelerate your solution to the big data challenge! XTIVIA's proof-of-concept (POC) process will help you decide whether this data warehouse appliance is the best fit for your unique business needs. The POC process facilitates risk mitigation and accelerates deployment to increase productivity. It also lowers cost and time, raising both internal and external customer satisfaction. XTIVIA will help optimize your planning to maximize success and minimize potential issues to best fit the confirmation and validation of your working assumptions and expectations. Consider the following questions or concerns about implementing this data warehouse solution:

  • Do you want to minimize risk and maximize issue control?
  • Do you want to confirm that this technology and its functionality is a good fit with your business needs and technological specifications?
  • Do you want a partner to validate your working assumptions about this solution before you launch your implementation to maximize product satisfaction and knowledge transfer?
  • Do you need planning expertise with an established proof-of-concept process to align the functionality and vision to your business needs thereby facilitating needed buy-in by stakeholders and end-users?

Benefits & Deliverables

Our XTIVIA team will partner with you to ensure:

  • Assessment of this data warehouse solution in order to confirm its alignment with your key business data drivers
  • Mitigation of risk with this new solution by supplementing your deployment with tested business acumen, technical expertise and process facilitation to guide you to a successful implementation
  • Optimization of any out-of-the-box user specifications with this integrative database, server and storage package
  • Facilitation of presentations to key stakeholders in order to support project sponsorship
  • The transfer of critical knowledge and skills to support the minimal fine tuning and maintenance needs moving forward

The XTIVIA POC process typically results on:

  • IBM Netezza appliance shipped for the test drive
  • IBM Netezza up and running in 24 hours—really!
  • POC Deliverables: mutually agreed-upon success criterion


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