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Benefits of Jahia DXM

logo-jahia-2016 Digital enterprises today need to be agile, adaptable, proactive and customer-centric for marketplace visibility and opportunities. They need to be able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and technology disruptors. Ideally, enterprises need to orchestrate all functions and applications, including multiple customer touchpoints, to deliver a quality digital experience to users on every level.

The Top Open Source DXM Solutions

Jahia is among the best enterprise level DXM platforms available, and has strong content management capabilities that rival leading CMS platforms.

Customization, Integration, & Development Services

For decades XTIVIA has been implementing and delivering CMS, CRM, Sales, and Portal projects that our customers rave about.

Leverage Your Data for Better Customer Experience & ROI

Every business is different, so let our expert content, design, and technical teams design the digital user experience that works for you.


Enable your marketing staff, sales reps, and even your post-sales support staff to truly know more about your customers so that each can deliver the best possible experience to each customer. Know so much about your customer, that they will think you are reading their mind as they travel through your website, or contact your company. That makes for a truly wonderful experience and sets the stage for positive branding, higher conversions, and long term relationships.

IT/Development Effectiveness

The Jahia Studio is unique in the market and a true visual user experience builder where you can build and integrate widgets, content modules, templates, and more. With integrated development tools such as Build-in Code Navigator, Definitions Editor, Views Editor, and Resource Bundles Editor, it makes our job at XTIVIA more efficient and faster. Jahia also makes working as a team much easier with a code repository and even a full Private AppStore where complete modules can be stored for later use improving the TCO for every project in the future.

Customer Engagement

When your entire technology ecosystem is all wired together through this platform, you understand their preferences, behavioral patterns, interests, and personas so that you can treat them all appropriately – bond with your community, provide valuable content to your prospects to build trust, and make the right offers to your customers. And finally, personalized engagement, delivering appropriate communication and service ensures long-term retention and loyalty.

Marketing Effectiveness

Being able to design the total customer experience using a data-driven platform that is integrated with multiple data sources and applications can greatly reduce the time it takes to plan and execute campaigns and follow up communications. At the same time, automating these touchpoints using relevant, timely intelligence greatly increases sales conversion rates that contributes a higher ROI.

More Data, More Leads

In marketing and sales, delivering more relevant messages, images, offers, and data to the right audience at the right time makes a big difference. XTIVIA can leverage Hippo’s open targeting engine to hook into many external information sources to aggregate a better profile and serve the most relevant and impactful content to your users. We can pull data from:
  • Marketing & Sales databases
  • Social applications
  • External portals
  • Demographic services
  • Support systems
  • Other transactional systems
We can also pull from, or aggregate into, a business intelligence solution to form excellent reporting solutions. Being able to measure and report on the effectiveness of various content on lead generation and revenue is a powerful advantage. This type of customer experience results in better engagement, better relationships, and higher lead conversions from your website.


Manage your entire digital ecosystem to drive value through quality customer experience with your brand,
foster internal collaboration and facilitate business growth: meet your tailored User Experience Platform (UXP).

Form Factory

Create multi-step, multi-language, multi-conditioned and validation-ruled forms that include built-in “backs” and “forwards” actions, that automatically saves data previously keyed into the forms, with easy plug-and-play components.

Marketing Factory

Leverage complete customer profiles through real-time, infinite ‘drill down’ analytics with cross-reference capabilities to create promotions, automated marketing and personalized conversations with customers.

Workspace Factory

A leading-edge, open-source digital workplace that powers your in-house teams to effectively streamline projects, content marketing initiatives and operations, as well a surface opportunities and optimize ‘group-think’ capability.

The Studio

The Jahia Studio is far more powerful and productive than any other Java content management system on the market. Dynamically build and rearrange templates, set the behavior, insert pre-defined content or widgets that react to created content, then deploy those templates in seconds to impact one, several or all your sites.

Private App Store

Contribute, download and / or re-use modules and applications to ensure solid return on investment (ROI) and fast deployments for one or more future development projects. Access modules that have been created by other registered Jahia users to leverage them for your own projects.

Portal Factory

Provides complete solutions for customer extranets, sales, HR and other employee portals. Leveraging shared content, context and Digital Experience Manager’s powerful integration services, Portal Factory provides the experience platform for secure role and user-based application and data-heavy sites on the same platform as your external marketing experiences.

Why Partner with XTIVIA?

In a very competitive market, XTIVIA is an enterprise class CMS solution provider.

Here’s why you can trust XTIVIA’s Leadership:

  • We have over 60 certified experts on staff.
  • Our team is hand-picked for personality and passion.
  • We believe in the consistency and quality of doing things right the first time.
  • We work with industry-leading partners to continuously improve UI/UX.

CIO 100 & Inc. 5000

XTIVIA is on Inc’s List of 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. XTIVIA was chosen as one of the Top 100 Most Promising Technology Companies for 2014 by CIO Review. (Page 108)

15 Years of Portal/CMS Consulting & Development Experience

XTIVIA will minimize your risk and maximize your value, using our combination of best-in-class process, methodology, and tools.

Unparalleled Experience with Portals, CMS, and Apps

We have over 1.5 million combined hours of experience. That means smart, experienced teams. It’s not our first rodeo.
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