Liferay DXP Consulting

As a Certified Platinum-Level Liferay Partner, XTIVIA helps customers leverage the power of Liferay as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) in order to build public-facing websites, customer portals, partner portals, intranets, and multi-tenancy portals. We build enterprise-level, custom portals with features such as content management (CMS), web publishing, collaboration, social, mobile, enterprise integration, and general web applications.

Liferay Consulting
& Implementation Services
: Leverage XTIVIA’s proven best-practices, architectural strategies, and performance techniques. We have the best portal specialists in the country with decades of experience, working for your success. More Info

Liferay Performance
Tuning & Support
: If your Liferay system is not performing as well as it should, or you want to optimize your application and database, call our portal experts to assess and tune your current environment. More Info

: XTIVIA minimizes your risk and maximizes your value by using a proven combination of process, methodology, and tool sets to customize or extend your installation and operations. More Info

Liferay Enterprise
Edition Software
: Purchase your Liferay licenses through XTIVIA so we can maximize your ongoing investment in your product, and provide cohesive consulting, integration and support services under one umbrella. More Info

Hippo CMS Consulting

Content Management System (CMS) provider Hippo and IT Solutions provider XTIVIA, join together to bring you the best CMS software solutions with the best development and consulting expertise.

Open Technology: Open standards, and powerful (REST) APIs mean no limit on deep integrations with your CRM system, E-Commerce system, Marketing Automation system, Salesforce, ERP system, or any other business systems you have. We are known for being able to integrate and customize software where others have struggled. So together, we can architect your own powerful, custom user experience platform that meets your specific needs for your specific business. More Info

Highly Personalized Customer Experiences: Real-time visitor analysis provides valuable insight into the online audience. Imagine being able to show images to each visitor based on their local scenery, or of products they have browsed, or to deliver content based on their age, gender, or previous behavior. Using the Digital Experience Manager, your web visitors can be dynamically matched to pre-defined personas so you can engineer predictable experiences that meet their need before it is known – delighting your prospects. This type of brand interaction can deliver a digital experience that people will talk about and share to help influence the next prospects. More Info

More Data, More Leads: In marketing and sales, delivering more relevant messages, images, offers, and data to the right audience at the right time makes a big difference. XTIVIA can leverage Hippo’s open targeting engine to hook into many external information sources to aggregate a better profile and serve the most relevant and impactful content to your users. This type of customer experience results in better engagement, better relationships, and higher lead conversions from your website. More Info

Jahia DXM Consulting

Digital Experience Management provider Jahia, and IT Solutions provider XTIVIA, have partnered to bring together the top DXM platform with the best technical and implementation expertise.

: Enable your marketing staff, sales reps, and even your post-sales support staff to truly know more about your customers so that each can deliver the best possible experience to each customer. More Info

: When your entire technology ecosystem is all wired together through this platform, you understand their preferences, behavioral patterns, interests, and personas so that you can treat them all appropriately. More Info

More Data,
More Leads
: In marketing and sales, delivering more relevant messages, images, offers, and data to the right audience at the right time makes a big difference. More Info

: Being able to design the total customer experience using a data-driven platform that is integrated with multiple data sources and applications can greatly reduce the time it takes to plan and execute campaigns and follow up communications. More Info

: The Jahia Studio is unique in the market and a true visual user experience builder where you can build and integrate widgets, content modules, templates, and more. More Info

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