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Data surplus shouldn’t be a burden.
It should be an opportunity.

Start to finish business processes with speed and efficiency.

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Master Data Management Approach/Architecture

First, we concern ourselves with People. Who manages the data sets? Who do they affect? Whose needs are not being met? Next, we involve ourselves in the Process. How can this be done better? How can we reduce redundancy and data travel time? How can we combine processes to make fewer yet more efficient ones? Finally, we implement Technology. Now that we know the needs of our People, and we have examined the Processes to add or change, we know what tools, methodologies, and Technology to use, and why to use it. XTIVIA’s approach to MDM is what sets us apart. People, Process, Technology. Who, how, and why. That’s what XTIVIA does for you.

MDM Implementation

XMDM integrates disparate data sources by creating a common master data set that every separate system uses, no matter how its file structure is set up. This allows for common metadata, so finding particular results doesn’t require more than a single search. It also means that data metrics can be recorded and seen as a whole, which illuminates bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and bloat; not to mention key strengths and good performance trends that weren’t previously clear.

Data management is a difficult and complex task; unfortunately, it’s also absolutely necessary to the vitality of any organization that uses large-scale software programs. MDM is what gives a huge data set a purpose; it defines how it is structured and used, as well as what goes where.

Imagine a huge filing cabinet stretching from floor to ceiling—Master Data Management is the difference between files just being stuffed in haphazardly and having a clear, concise, and orderly grouping system.

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