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Salesforce Consulting Solutions from XTIVIA

These solutions help you ensure that your software system delivers a complete end-user CRM experience through the entire customer relationship. XTIVIA’s Salesforce CRM solution is embedded in an entirely cloud-based mobile development platform. You can trust our expert implementation and integration services.

XTIVIA has partnered with since 2007, and our certified team members can help you make the right architectural and practical choices at every step in your journey. Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 enterprise, XTIVIA can help you make the most of Salesforce.

Some solutions are better—
XTIVIA is your Salesforce CRM development partner.

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CRM Managed Services

Salesforce Admin On-demand

Salesforce Admin On-Demand is a service offered by XTIVIA, based on many years of service with our Salesforce customers. As a result of the requests and needs of our customers, we developed a remote CRM Managed Services solution for your business. When you need support, you need it right now. Our team is U.S.-based, making it easy and timely to communicate your needs. Our experience spans a variety of industries which ensures our certified experts can onboard quickly to get you results.

If you can imagine the business outcome, we can create it with technology.

  • Focus time and resources on your business while we focus on your Salesforce CRM.
  • Business needs are always evolving and need immediate on-demand support.
  • A dedicated U.S.-based Administrator assigned to your organization (knows your environment, people, processes)
  • Cost-effective alternative to a full-time administrator can function as an addition to your staff, freeing your in-house Admin for project work
  • Anything in your Salesforce tools from hands-on work, phone support, coverage, research, coaching, development, and working with vendors on your behalf

Salesforce Services with XTIVIA

Consulting/Implementation: Choosing an implementation partner is as important, if not more so than your choice in the software itself. At XTIVIA, we take great pride in our proven implementation methodology for CRM which is reflected in our outstanding customer satisfaction record. Our consultants work closely with your team to design, optimize, and deliver a solution that best meets the needs of your business and your users.

Training: Training plays a key role in implementation. Effective end-user and administrative training helps achieve the highest levels of end-user satisfaction and IT self-reliance. The experienced training staff at XTIVIA offers end user and administrative training for Salesforce CRM.

ERP Integration: Did you know that integration transactions now represent more than half of all the traffic Salesforce supports each day? With XTIVIA’s CRM services, you can easily integrate Salesforce into third-party ERP and financial applications.

Analytics: The quality and integrity of your data drive the authenticity of your database. XTIVIA’s unique combination of reporting experience and business expertise can bring your data to life—empowering you to make better-informed, real-time business decisions.

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