XTIVIA offers a full suite of Liferay services—including architecture, consulting, staffing, tuning, and end-to-end project implementation. With more than 15 years of experience in portals, content management, collaboration and enterprise integration, and an undisputed record of successful Liferay deployments since 2006, it’s no wonder XTIVIA is the current and three-time winner of the prestigious Liferay North America Partner of the Year award.

On end-to-end projects, XTIVIA will work with you using a team approach that emphasizes transparency and ongoing Liferay knowledge transfer to your team. You will learn not just the how, but also the why behind key Liferay implementation choices on various topics— including identity management, SSO, personalization, enterprise integration, and more.

Our proven phased approach is designed to help your company realize ROI quickly while improving both self-service capabilities and end-user satisfaction. Our top-notch software practitioners, combined with our deep knowledge of enterprise portal solutions, helps us deliver a superior product—every project, every time.




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What We Do

As a Certified Platinum-Level Liferay Partner, XTIVIA has helped numerous customers leverage the power of Liferay to build public-facing websites, customer/partner portals, intranets, and multi-tenancy portals with features such as content management, web publishing, collaboration, social, mobile, enterprise integration, and general web applications.


Liferay Consulting and Implementation Services

Get your Liferay project off on the right foot with the current and three-time Liferay North America Partner of the Year award-winner.


Liferay Performance Tuning

Is your Liferay system not performing as well as it should? Call in the XTIVIA experts to assess and tune your current environment.


Liferay DevOps

Minimize risk and deliver more consistent value, using a tried and true combination of process, methodology, and tooling.


Liferay Enterprise Edition Software

XTIVIA is your one-stop source for all your software and consulting needs—including Liferay software and services at special discounts.


Related Offerings

Blazing-Fast JavaScript Apps

Leverage our core web development skills from HTML5 and CSS3 to AngularJS to more to build responsive apps that delight your users.


Hybrid Mobile Apps

Build enterprise mobile apps using PhoneGap targeting multiple mobile platforms (from iOS to Android) using a single code base.


Service-Oriented Architecture

Integrate into your enterprise using an architectural approach that emphasizes loose coupling and modularity.

Why Partner with XTIVIA?

XTIVIA is the undisputed #1 Liferay professional services organization in North America. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • We are the largest Liferay professional services organization in the U.S., with 60+ certified Liferay experts on staff. We hire only the best and brightest.
  • As a company, we are strong believers in the “do it right the first time” model.
  • We work with many of the country’s market-leading organizations and have the successful Liferay and enterprise software project execution experience you need.
  • We continually challenge ourselves to improve our people, processes, and tools. Over the years, our innovations have included bringing in responsive support, single-page apps, personalization, and much more to the Liferay platform—before Liferay itself!
  • Our project lifecycle follows an agile, iterative, scrum-based process with complete transparency. Every project has challenges, and we believe in illuminating risks and issues at the earliest possible point, so that we can jointly resolve or mitigate them.
  • We make a point of bringing user perspectives into the process early on, consulting with you to provide strategic advice beyond the framework of a single project.
  • We are dedicated to providing our clients with unparalleled customer support.
  • XTIVIA is the current and three-time past winner of the prestigious Liferay North America Partner of the Year award.



Our Successes






Huhtamaki, Inc. (Huthamaki North America) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huhtamaki Oyj. Huhtamaki Oyj is a global manufacturer of consumer and specialty packaging products based in Espoo, Finland. With a focus and expertise in molded fiber packaging, flexible packaging, release films and paper cup manufacturing, the Huhtamaki offering includes standardized products and customized packaging alongside complete packaging systems. Consumers may be familiar with their retail brands such as Chinet® and BioWare®. Huhtamaki’s net sales topped EUR 2.3 billion in 2013. Their global presence includes approximately 14,100 employees distributed in 31 countries in 59 manufacturing units worldwide. The parent company, Huhtamäki Oyj, is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd under the symbol HUKI. Case Study







Since 1936, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has been providing quality, affordable health care coverage to their members at every stage of their lives. As the number one provider of health care benefits in Alabama, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama provides coverage to more than 3 million people and pays billions of dollars in benefits each year. They are based in Birmingham, Alabama and employ more than 3,700 people. Case Study







The Principal Financial Group® (The Principal®) is a leading global financial company offering businesses, individuals and institutional clients a wide range of financial products and services. Its array of products and services includes retirement solutions, insurance, wellness programs, and investment and banking products through its diverse family of financial services companies and national network of financial professionals. The Principal Financial Group received the highest numerical Equity Score among Investment brands included in the 2011 Harris Poll EquiTrend® Study. Case Study
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What are customers saying about us

“Please accept this testimony on behalf of our team to share our appreciation for delivering a creative, high-quality, custom Liferay 6.2-based set of plugins. Throughout this project, we have felt informed, engaged, confident, and excited as consistent evidence of progress was shared and we witnessed the evolution of early prototypes through to final versions that will serve our audiences into the future. I can attest to the efficacy of the administrative and user-facing portlets, and smooth integration to many of our remote and Liferay-hosted resources and target systems. We have tested the tooling on many devices, OSs, and browsers. The innovative approach to use Liferay Vocabulary, Categories, Dynamic Data Lists, Web Content, Structures, and Templates works well and likely will attract more adoption beyond our project in the future. We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with XTIVIA.”

Daniel Tyger
Web Services Manager
University of Maine System


“With Liferay and the XTIVIA solution, Principal Wellness Company has been able to increase our client-branded, website creation efficiencies. We can now better offer our clients customized branding options in a shorter amount of time.”

Drew Van Meeteren
Product Director
Principal Wellness Company


“The Liferay platform increased our speed to market, which is of real value to us. The standardized portlets and content management capabilities enable us to go live with new customer sites more quickly than ever before.  XTIVIA, a trusted partner of PlumChoice, displayed a best-in-class knowledge and expertise in Liferay and web technology on this project. The team was responsive and performed a rapid and effective deployment of qualified consultants to meet our needs.”

Martin Higgins
Vice President, Engineering

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Our Innovations

XTIVIA Carousel Portlet

This is a fairly simple portlet developed by XTIVIA, using the Spring Portlet MVC framework and Alloy UI, with the goal of enabling content managers and site administrators to add carousels to a site—without writing JavaScript code. The XTIVIA carousel portlet allows you (as the configurator) to configure a tag name associated with the images that you want to render in the carousel. Using this portlet, you can have multiple carousels throughout your site.


XTIVIA Excel Chart Viewer

The Excel chart viewer portlet allows a user to generate and view a chart based off a cell range from an Excel spreadsheet that has been uploaded to the Liferay document library. When business-critical data is in Excel files, this portlet allows you to surface that data easily and quickly, with multiple instances of this portlet deployed together to create a dashboard using data from one or more Excel files.


XTIVIA Advanced Links Portlet

The Advanced Links portlet was developed for the education space, but is applicable to any Liferay implementation in which (1) there is a need to manage a complex set of links, (2) not all links are available to all users (i.e. require access control), and (3) you need the ability to script the execution of some functionality before a link is actually launched. This links application actually supports an MVC architecture for building out the functionality to be executed upon the clicking of a link. Links can be organized into various categories, and the application also supports SSO utilizing ClearPass CAS. There is a robust management application that allows you to administer the available links.

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