AngularJS Single-Page Apps Implementation for CopperPoint, Arizona’s largest provider of Workers’ Compensation insurance


CopperPoint needed a site that would provide its user base with access to multiple insurance systems through a common enterprise identity management system. The company wanted a solution that didn’t feel like a disjointed set of individual web pages, and which delivered a high-performance, intuitive user experience that feels like a desktop application. Single-Page Applications (SPAs) are a new trend in web development designed specifically to bring the cohesiveness and performance of a desktop application to the web.

XTIVIA helped the company leverage a consumer-agnostic, high-performance SOA layer with a highly interactive and rich SPA to create a flexible, agile and enterprise-ready solution using Google’s state-of-the art open-source JavaScript framework: AngularJS.

With XTIVIA’s expert JavaScript development team leveraging AngularJS and CopperPoint providing UI/UX assistance, the result is incredibly fast performance and cohesive UI—with a UX that can’t be beat.

Download the Case Study PDF here