Organizations are showing a lot of interest in Sales numbers, and it’s not just those directly involved in Sales. This typically means extracting information from a CRM, the most prominent choice being Salesforce. IT teams are always looking for freely available solutions to present this data to their enterprise via their intranet portals. This blog is the first in the series of blogs describing XTIVIA’s solution for displaying Salesforce Opportunities data. This blog focuses on the features of the Salesforce Opportunities App for the Jahia platform.

XTIVIA plans to release a number of such Salesforce applications with highly configurable options in the Jahia Public App Store to help enterprises meet their needs with respect to Salesforce CRM integrations.

Salesforce Opportunities Module Features

The XTIVIA Salesforce Opportunities app connects with Salesforce Sales Cloud using a configured Salesforce account, and exposes Opportunity records from Salesforce in Jahia-based views. Note that Opportunity is a standard object in Salesforce that represents a potential sales deal, and it typically contains details about the potential deal, like account, deal description, expected deal size, expected close date, probability, and opportunity stage.

The XTIVIA Salesforce Opportunities app is available for download at This app can be configured (by admin user while configuring the module) to show opportunity data in two views.

Dashboard View

This view provides 8 cards, each giving different statistical information about salesforce opportunities. As shown in screenshot below, each card provides ‘count’ of opportunities by their status (open or closed), outcome (won/lost), amount and expected revenue (all and open). In future releases, we will make available the ability to drill down into the opportunities underlying each card for further analysis.


Over and beyond providing a bird’s eye view into your sales pipeline, this module lets you personalize the dashboard view by specifying various filters (see screenshot below). User can access this screen by selecting the settings icon (settings-icon-2) from top right corner.


When user selects filter values and clicks ‘save’, the ‘dashboard view’ will be refreshed to reflect card data based on currently selected filters.

List View

In this view, opportunities data is displayed in tabular format as shown in the screenshot below.


List view provides useful features like the option to ‘filter results’ using ‘Probability’, ‘Amount’ and ‘Account Names’, ‘sort results’ by clicking on the column name, ‘pagination’ of the results and ‘selecting number of opportunities displayed’ on one page. See screenshot below of a sample filtered list view.


Besides these standard features, List view allows user to view details about each opportunity by clicking on the opportunity name. The screenshot below shows ‘detail view’.


Please note that admin user can combine these two views on the same page by dropping two instances of this module on a page and selecting ‘Dashboard’ view for one instance and ‘List’ view for the other instance.

Final Notes

This XTIVIA module for Jahia enables interested parties in your organization to see upcoming Salesforce Opportunities in the main Jahia-based collaboration site without requiring these users to login to Salesforce (SFDC). Users can go directly to your Jahia site(s) and view this information and follow up accordingly.

We look forward to your candid feedback. In next blog I will talk about steps required to download and setup our ‘Salesforce Opportunities’ Jahia module. If you have any questions or ideas for enhancements, reach out to us at [email protected], and you can learn more about our Jahia services if you need consulting or implementation help.

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