Ever had a need to consolidate your tags? The Tag Merger portlet can help you manage them. Imagine a scenario where your tags are littered with duplicates because maintenance has been neglected for quite a while. Cleaning hundreds or even thousands of tagged assets  can be tedious. With the tag merger portlet, it is very simple to merge existing tags or even give them a new tag name and delete the old ones.

Get Started

Once the portlet is deployed, you will see another side menu added to the content menu called Tag Merger Portlet. Selecting this will give you a very user friendly UI for managing your tags.


Create Sample Data

Before proceeding, create some sample web content that will act as our example assets with different tags to be merged. In this example, we create 3 web assets with two tags; namely, angularjs, angular.js  and a misspelled tag anguarjs. We will merge these tags to use only angularjs through the tag merger portlet.

sample data

Using the tag merger portlet

Now that we are ready to use the portlet, go ahead and type in the tag you want to keep in the first field and other tags you want to merge. There is an additional checkbox option below to delete the merged tags after it has been processed.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to use with the auto complete and the simple UI.

Verify the result

After everything is done, you can go back to web content and see that all assets with the tags we specified in the tag merger portlet now all have the same tag.


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