SoundCloud Display Portlet
The SoundCloud Display Portlet allows you to play and display your favorite tracks from SoundCloud. All you need is a valid username from SoundCloud and you can play your public tracks from the portlet. The free version of the portlet currently shows up to 3 playlists and each playlist can contain a maximum of 20 tracks.

Get Started
You can configure the portlet by going to portlet preferences, as shown below.


SoundCloud Username: This is the SoundCloud username that determines which playlists and tracks will be retrieved. Only public playlists and tracks will display.
SoundCloud Tag: This field allows you to select the playlists you wish to hear. The portlet displays only playlists with the tag matching the value of this field.

Below is a screenshot showing the tracks and playlists you might see after configuration:

Below is a mobile view screenshot:

An empty playlist shows no tracks, as shown below:

Visit the Liferay Marketplace to download.

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