XSF is a framework that XTIVIA has created (and used for multiple client engagements) that enables the rapid development of custom REST services in Liferay. REST services developed using XSF are coded in a fashion similar to JAX-RS or Jersey but can take advantages of Liferay features such as roles/permissions.

We have talked about XSF here before and just wanted to provide you with a brief update on its current status. We’ve now included the source code for the framework inside the XSF repository on GitHub. It is located in the ‘framework’ directory and can be built as a separate JAR; however you can still create your XSF based applications using either a Maven archetype or by using the version 1.1.0 JAR available on Maven Central.

Probably the best starting point is to read the PDF documentation for the framework, which can be found here.

We’ve also updated the current version of XSF to support Gradle builds (both the sample application as well as the framework itself). While the current version of XSF is still targeted to Liferay 6.2, Liferay has clearly committed to Gradle as its build tool of choice going forward in Liferay 7 and beyond. We really enjoy using Gradle and think you will too.

Speaking of Liferay 7, we are actively working on migrating XSF to Liferay 7 and we expect to have some exciting news to share in this space soon, so keep checking back here for updates.

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