B2B Pivot Series #1: How Disruption Can Naturally Surface New Opportunities

When disruption strikes, especially when due to something outside your control, it’s destabilizing, chaotic, and scary. It can also be the invitation to something far greater… a fresh perspective and new growth opportunities. In this XTIVIA Live Session, we hear from Lead Digital Strategist, Lynn Scheurell on the keys to surviving disruption and what they can mean for your business.

B2B Pivot Series 2: Pivoting Disruption Through Strategy

Strategy is identifying, then implementing, the optimal path between current circumstances and a desired target.

B2B Pivot Series 3: A 7-Step 2-Week Framework to Reinvent Your Company’s Viability

Successful organizations reflect upon what constitutes their larger marketplace.

B2B Pivot Series 4: How to Create Powerful, Relevant Messaging for Optimal Attraction

In the absence of messaging, it is difficult to attract new business or retain relationships.

Messaging establishes credibility, builds trust, and compels action.

During disruption, having the right messaging – for internal or external customers – is even more important as people are distracted in their adaptation process.

Revisit your brand messaging to ensure you are communicating with clarity, empathy, and relevance.

B2B Pivot Series 5: Digital Transformation and Disruption

Digital transformation is a misnomer. What we’re really talking about is how to deliver even greater customer value efficiently, effectively and proactively. It’s no longer business-as-usual – it’s business as customers drive it. Digital transformation is no longer optional; disruption is facilitating it.

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