XTIVIA Integration Services (XIS) is a suite of common services used on any integration project. This product suite is an implementation accelerator, saving weeks or months of effort on the coding of the common services, by providing out-of-the-box, easy to deploy and configurable services for almost any integration platform.

Designed and built on a stable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) base, XIS is intended for deployment on any JMS compliant integration platform across your enterprise. The latest version of XIS includes an upgrade to Hadoop as the database backend. XIS uses Hadoop to provide persistence to Enterprise Service Bus. We also developed our own MapReduce programs to optimally search and retrieve the transactions stored in Hadoop.

Key Features


  • Standards based Application Solution
  • Supports JMS and XML based Solutions
  • Ajax and Struts Framework
  • Adobe FLEX UI
  • Extensible Framework
  • Custom Exception Resolution
  • Custom Notifications
  • Custom Reports
  • Flexible Implementation Architecture
  • Each Service supports horizontal and vertical load balancing
  • Enables multiple installations and domain / project partitioning
  • Cost effective
  • Persist large volumes of data
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