The XTIVIA Promotions Manager (XPM) is a retail solution aimed at automating the entire retail promotion planning and execution cycle for the retail grocery industry. Supporting all promotion types and incorporating complete support for all the planning and execution processes, XPM allows retailers to execute, analyze and effectively optimize all their promotions. At the core of XPM is the workflow based collaborative planning process engine, which is augmented by feature rich deals management (offers), promotion planning, circular creation (advertisement), reporting and 3rd party systems integration capabilities.
XPM hooks into virtually any supply chain, financial, accounting, forecasting, and data warehousing system making it an ideal appliance based addition to your business systems infrastructure. The workflow-based approvals mechanism ensures accurate and effective execution of promotions across all storefronts. XPM provides the critical communication link between retailers and CPG’s, maximizes the value of trade monies, automates deal input, reduces labor costs, reduces out of stock scenarios, improves gross margins, and reduces supplier invoicing errors.

Product Overview

How can retailers ensure they are making the right promotional offers to the right customers at the right time at the right price? And how can they coordinate the vast array of parameters and variables involved in the complex process (systems, processes, people) across the departments and business functions to ensure that the promotions have the full beneficial impact that was originally envisioned?
Promotions planning and execution in the retail industry is a laborious and time-intensive process, often relegated to manual processes and subjected to incomplete or inaccurate inputs and is, unfortunately, one that is fraught with errors.

XTIVIA Promotions Manager (XPM) is a complete end-to-end promotions planning and execution system that allows retailers to plan, execute and analyze the results of the promotion for retail grocers.
XPM helps retailers gain control over the entire cycle by implementing a workflow based solution that is supported by data, functionality, and controls at every step of the way.
Built on open standards and incorporating the best practices in the industry, XPM integrates into virtually any technical environment. With ready hooks to integrate with any leading supply chain, financial, accounting, human resources and other back-office systems, XPM is the answer every retail grocer has been waiting for.

Key Features


  • Maximize ROI on promotions
  • Reduce promotion and execution costs
  • Analyze promotions online
  • Optimize promotion effectiveness
  • Monitor promotions real-time
  • Reduce manual administration and errors
  • Minimize out-of-stock scenarios
  • Analyze event statistics
  • Collaborative decision making for planning and executing promotions
  • Eliminate supplier invoicing errors
  • Optimize store operations
  • Customize promotion process


  • Integration ready for SCM, ERP, CRM and BI applications
  • Designed and built on open standards utilizing open-source products
  • Architected to SOA standards and adopts all leading practices

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