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CRM FSM Integration

AgileField is designed for field technicians, with customer satisfaction and profitability in mind.

Let us show you today how XTIVIA’s FSM/CRM integration can add value to your business!

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Elegant Field Service Management Solutions

AgileFIELD provides a powerful tool for dispatchers and front-line employees to continually supply low-cost productivity. Ever-changing customer demands make field services organization increasingly intricate. AgileFIELD understands the importance of maintaining automated route planning, inventory replenishment, capabilities scheduling, demand forecasting, and logistics. The cloud-based system allows for immediate, educated decisions–anywhere.

Key Functionality

  • Auto-Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Complete System Integration
  • Mobile Field Application
  • Customer Portal
  • Work Order Management
  • Asset Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Implementation & Training
  • Cloud-Based
  • Technical Support


  • Construction
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Facility Management
  • Cable and Telecom
  • Business Services
  • Oil & Gas

We know CRM! AgileField brings the option of FSM integration to your CRM including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce to name a few.


We build solutions, plain and simple. We identify problems and solve them—for others—for you.
To understand your business needs, we have to understand your technology challenges.
At XTIVIA, the relationship is step one.

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