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Data Cloud Shift

We can help you migrate your data to AWS or Azure from planning through implementation in any of the supported options – AWS RDS, Azure SQL, AWS RedShift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, AWS DynamoDB or Azure Cosmos.

App Cloud Shift

We can help you migrate your apps to AWS or Azure using the right strategy – from lift-and-shift to lift-and-shape to cloud-native.

Serverless Apps

Launch cloud native apps faster, better, and accelerate your serverless initiative with XTIVIA’s experts.

Managed Services

End-to-end managed services for your AWS and Azure cloud deployments – infrastructure, apps, data.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

We can help you with your data and application integration needs using modern iPaaS offerings including MuleSoft CloudHub, Dell Boomi, Software AG (webMethods.io),  TIBCO Cloud Integration, and Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services.

To tackle these types of challenges, you need a trusted partner with experience moving complex workloads from in-house data centers to cloud-based platforms.

Streamline Your Cloud Migration

Shifting your existing workloads to the cloud can be daunting. You need to consider which AWS/Azure services to use, how to automate and test the AWS/Azure migration process, what to do to mitigate the risks associated with the AWS/Azure migration, and how to monitor and verify the resulting services are meeting your customers’ needs.

Beyond that, you need to match your existing infrastructure with such elements as virtual machines, shared databases, and clustered storage – these offerings are different enough to give traditional operations teams trouble when handling a direct migration.

Optimize your Azure Investment

A poorly-planned AWS/Azure implementation can carry with it a significant cost, both in terms of your monthly AWS/Azure bill and in terms of productivity lost to inefficient use of resources. Correctly sizing AWS/Azure resources is a difficult task that requires a significant amount of experience, both with the AWS/Azure platform as well as with general cloud-oriented software architecture. Additionally, setting up an effective automation pipeline to speed up delivery operations in AWS/Azure can be a complex task; the wrong process can actually slow you down.

Cost Savings

Make it easier on yourself and your IT department by adopting and accelerating cloud usage – stop worrying about infrastructure provisioning and the minute details of high availability, disaster recovery, scaling, and more. Instead, focus on what really matters – delivering value. Move to an architecture that allows you to focus all attention on your users.

With any significant change comes risk; moving to the cloud is no different. XTIVIA has a proven record of helping businesses navigate transformation with confidence and security. Our team will help you move to AWS/Azure while avoiding the many potential risks inherent in adopting a new platform. Leveraging our experience in optimizing software delivery will allow you to jumpstart your move to the cloud and will save you time, money, and effort.

Move Fast Without Breaking Stuff

Our team of experts bring real-world experience, best practices and architectural/operational patterns that help make your cloud initiatives a success.

Our certified AWS and Azure experts help you implement cloud solutions on AWS and Azure platforms efficiently – without breaking stuff!

Our AWS and Azure Expertise

Long-Term Partnership


Our world-class pragmatic agile development process, transparent project management, and end-to-end implementation skills (all the way from architecture to devops to maintenance) make your project smooth.


Our commitment to your success makes XTIVIA your long-term partner.

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