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You don’t have to do it alone—We are your CRM consulting and development partner.

Give your sales team the agility to capture more leads. Build lasting relationships with your customers, even after a sale. Get clear reports on what trends are developing…and act on them.

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CRM Managed Services Admin On-Demand

Admin On-Demand is a service offered by XTIVIA, based on many years of service with our customers. As a result of the requests and needs of our customers, we developed a remote CRM Managed Services solution for your business. When you need support, you need it right now. Our team is U.S.-based, making it easy and timely to communicate your needs. Our experience spans various industries, ensuring our certified experts can onboard quickly to get you results.

If you can imagine the business outcome, we can create it with technology.

  • Focus time and resources on your business while we focus on your CRM.
  • Business needs are always evolving and need immediate on-demand support.
  • A dedicated U.S.-based Administrator assigned to your organization (knows your environment, people, processes)
  • Cost-effective alternative to a full-time administrator can function as an addition to your staff, freeing your in-house Admin for project work
  • Anything from hands-on work, phone support, coverage, research, coaching, development, and working with vendors on your behalf

Serve Your Customers

Customer Relationship Management, when integrated and updated to your unique needs, gives you an edge that your customers will appreciate: agility

Sales won’t only be more numerous; they’ll be faster, smarter, and ultimately, save everyone time and money.

Don’t keep your customers waiting for a better experience.

How to get more from your CRM?

XTIVIA has been involved in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) since 1992. We know, however, that CRM software alone cannot improve your company’s relationship with its customers. To optimize your management of important relationships, and truly provide a great customer experience, you must customize and integrate your CRM system to the unique needs of your business.

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