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The Data Governance and Information Quality Conference is the world’s largest event dedicated entirely to data governance and data quality.

  • 15 In-Depth Tutorials and Workshops by world class experts and successful practitioners
  • 6 Conference tracks
  • Over 35 Case Studies including presentations
  • 2 day seminars on business glossaries, data quality and data stewardship
  • Sessions designed for the experienced data governance and data quality professional as well as for beginners

Aligning Data Policies to
Make Information Quality Job #1

Join Jim Orrison, Director of Enterprise Information Managment at XTIVIA, on June 5th for a presentation.

This presentation reviews organizations who have aligned their policies to Business Objectives but motivated them to action in measuring Data Quality.  In pursuing Data Quality as the scorecard, Data Policies take life to help achieve the larger organizational goal.  Likewise, ineffective policies will be refactored, rather than ignored, to create laudable objectives with unquestionable return. 

Learning Points will be presented through a variety of industry examples in:

  • The Genesis of specific Data Policies and gaining Business Acceptance
  • Breathing Life into Policies for Action
  • Attaching Data Problems onto Data Policies for Remedies
  • Getting what you Measure:  Baseline Quality Metrics and Report Regularly
  • Implementation & Refactoring

Level of Audience
All Levels 

Wednesday, June 5th
10:45 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Jim Orrison partners with business leaders to ensure data initiatives stay aligned to strategic objectives.  With 30+ years in the evolution of Application Development and Database Management systems, Jim has led innovations in Information Integration between platforms and partners. 


Data Governance

Master Data Management

Integration & APIs


Business Process Management

Complex Events Processing

Our Approach

XTIVIA researches a business’s differing components, then creates a common data structure—allowing data from many different sources to be searched, managed, and clearly understood. By creating a unified management plan, XTIVIA allows your business to generalize its data management (removing the need for expensive specialists), as well as analyze data from a clear and unified perspective, rather than having to patch together results from many different sources. This means that in the end, you get to save thousands of hours, dollars, and headaches, by having a clean data structure.


Average Years of Experience

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Industries Served by XTIVIA EIM

  • Energy
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Non-profit
  • Food Distribution
  • Defense
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