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Proximity Detection & Alerts, PPE Monitoring, Thermal Imaging

Protect your employees and bottom line with the right technologies to overcome challenges while setting the framework for a Resilient Enterprise.

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Business as UNusual

During these challenging times we see many companies struggling – both to ensure the health of their employees and customers and to keep their core processes running.

Building a healthy and safe workplace is crucial as companies are faced with reducing the number of COVID-19 infections and transmissions. Keeping employees safe and monitoring their health is key to business continuity. Adherence to social-distance and protection compliance are new territory as companies struggle to maintain productivity. Risk management is being challenged by lack of visibility, statistics, audit trail, and control.

This is business as UNusual. Using thermometers and installing plexiglass was a great start to keeping employees safe. Companies are now taking more streamlined operational measures to keep key processes running and mitigate the spread of the virus. By utilizing proximity detection and alerts, PPE monitoring, and thermal imaging, companies can ensure a safe working environment while maintaining compliance and productivity.

How Software AG and XTIVIA can help

Keeping your business on track after a disruptive event requires proper planning and setting a framework in place so you’re better equipped and more resilient in the future.

Key Solution Components:

Proximity Detection

PPE Monitoring

Thermal Imaging

What steps can I take to ensure the safety and health of my employees?

We are committed to supporting our customers and helping them stay safe and productive in this environment. By leveraging our expertise in the Internet of Things, integration and business transformation, we can help ensure business continuity in the most trying of times.

Enhanced Worker Health & Safety

Software AG and XTIVIA can turn your workplace into a safe, connected and streamlined reality. Wearable proximity detection with alerts notifies employees and management when social distance is violated. PPE monitoring via cameras, your existing or new, ensures employees wear designated protective gear. All of this data is collected and sent to a central repository providing business intelligence for real-time decision making. Thermal imaging is used to expedite entry point screening and increase privacy compliance.

Key Functionalities

  • Proximity Detection and PPE Monitoring
  • Privacy Compliant Thermal Imaging
  • Visual Analytics
  • Multi-location Reporting
  • Management Notifications
  • Risk Management Reduction
  • Increased Compliance
  • Affordable/Scalable/Quick ROI

Add value to your business with Software AG & XTIVIA.

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