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New Business Incentive

April 17 – June 30 2023
Q2 Mad Lead/SPIFF Program

Watch this video to see the highlights of the new Mad Lead bonus program for Q2 2023.

We are excited to offer this special incentive plan to all employees in an effort to allow everyone to participate in our success.

Any employee who provides a business opportunity referral/lead that becomes a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL), XTIVIA will pay you $1,500.00 on the next payroll after approval.

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Plan Details

  • Who is eligible: All US-based XTIVIA employees (except Sales Team Members & Business Unit Leaders)
  • This incentive applies to the period April 17, 2023, through June 30, 2023
  • The incentive will pay $1,500 per approved lead
  • This is for new business opportunities, not extensions to existing business, unless it is a cross-business unit sell
  • While this plan is in effect, even though we are using the Mad Lead Bonus Plan Form, you get paid once $1500
    (In other words, no double dipping)
  • The plan may be canceled or renewed at any time by Company, CEO, or CFO


This slide is available to download in our 2023 Corporate Overview

This slide is available to download in our 2023 Corporate Overview

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XTIVIA Mad Lead Q2 2023 FAQs 


(Please read the FAQs, THEN reach out to HR if you have additional questions.)

Q: What is an “approved lead”?

A: An approved lead is a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) see below.

Q: What is a SAL?

A: Our Sales Manager defines a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) as follows:

  • Opportunity must be registered in Salesforce and assigned to a sales rep
  • A sales team member has conducted an initial meeting with the prospect, and the customer has qualified under our formula; Budget, Authority, Need, Timing (BANT)
  • BANT documented within the notes section in the Opportunity in SFDC
Q: Is there a contract or sales minimum?

A: There is no minimum value requirement for this business engagement. For the purpose of this section, an up-sell to a new department with a new stakeholder of an existing client will be included.

Q: I am a new employee. Can I still participate?

A: All US-based XTIVIA employees (except Sales Team Members & Business Unit Leaders) are eligible to participate.

Q: Do the salespeople register the opportunity in Salesforce, or is that my job?

A: The sales person assigned to your lead will enter it in Salesforce along with all other requirements.

Q: So, for a cross-practice referral, do we split the bonus with our team?
Or do we get the bonus, and the team gets some commission from the deal?

A: You get $1500.00! This is an individual bonus.

Our current cross-practice revenue model will remain in place. HR will email with that information.

Q: Will I get an email from sales after they submit the SAL?

A: Actually, HR will initially confirm your Mad Lead Form submission, and secondarily they will let you know when/if approved and when you will get paid.

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