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Indira Vishnampet
Senior Vice President
Enterprise Information Management (EIM)


We are excited to see the actions and opportunities for digital transformation with the winning combination of Salesforce, MuleSoft, and XTIVIA. Connect all your enterprise applications – both on-premise and cloud-based – for business agility, to unify communications and increase data exchanges across your organization. 


Integrate Legacy Systems

XTIVIA creates hybrid apps to leverage and connect the data in existing IT investments.

Build and Rapidly Scale

Easily design, build, implement and test an application network through APIs and integrations.

All-Systems Connectivity

Connect to any data source with pre-built connectors for apps, SOAP or REST APIs, and databases.

Lean Runtime

Orchestrate transactions in real-time or batch-move millions of records with flexibility and scalability.



As part of a significant technology transformation initiative, the client had a need to modernize its organization-wide IT landscape by updating and/or replacing legacy systems and integrating the legacy on-prem systems to future cloud-based applications where appropriate. Over 700 diverse applications integrated to date.

“As part of a significant technology transformation initiative, we needed a technology partner that had deep expertise and the capacity to understand our situation as well as the ability to implement the solution. XTIVIA was that partner. As a result, we integrated hundreds of mission-critical applications in a short timeframe.”
Global VP of Architecture


Digital enterprise today requires speed and agility in accessing data; new technologies – like SaaS, mobile, and IoT – are increasing (exponentially) the number of (dynamically changing) endpoints that must be connected. APIs enable companies to extract the data collected into cohesive information and actionable insights which, ultimately, accelerates business outcomes.

XTIVIA’s developers understand business targets, as well as how to plan for and achieve them, through technology solutions like MuleSoft. Our commitment is to help our customers create their best digital experiences, regardless of project complexity.

Talk with a trusted XTIVIA advisor today so we can help create your ideal mobile brand presence.

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