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1st Quarter 2022

Elevating Your Business


View our video above or learn more about how our experts use Contentful (Headless CMS) and Next.js or Gatsby (React) to quickly deliver modern, lightweight, and blazing-fast Websites, Apps and Portals. From ideation to UX/UI design to implementation – you can count on XTIVIA to deliver successful outcomes.

XTIVIA Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) 

Whether you call it Software Testing, Application Testing, Test Automation, QA Testing, Mobile App Testing, Continuous Testing, or Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) XTIVIA has built a QA competency center by standardizing test processes, implementing best practices, and using innovative tools to ensure cost-effective and high-quality product delivery with a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals.

XTIVIA Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

IBM Audits – Myths, Pitfalls, Tips & Tricks

Join Amir Shalev (CEO of STONS division of XTIVIA) and Koen Dingjan (Director of IT Asset Alliance & former IBM Auditor) to learn some important myths & pitfalls to avoid when facing an IBM audit and helpful tips & tricks to make your audit as painless as possible.

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Glad to be headed into Spring and back to some in-person business conversations where and when we can. In this first newsletter of 2022, we are sharing from across the XTIVIA offerings, everything from our Contentful Headless CMS Development to our Testing Center of Excellence, to the latest blogs for your team in the trenches. We are also happy to share Webinars and Events, both virtual and in-person.
Dennis Robinson | CEO, XTIVIA

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