Mobile Testing: What It Is, Who Uses It, and Which Tools to Use

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with the world.
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As such, mobile applications have become an essential facet of modern lifestyles. With the rise of mobile applications has come the need for mobile testing. In this article, we’ll explore what mobile testing is, who uses it, which tools to use, and provide some examples.

What is Mobile Testing?

Mobile testing is the process of testing mobile applications to ensure that they work correctly, reliably, and are free from defects. The primary goal of mobile testing is to ensure that the app delivers the best user experience across a wide range of mobile devices, platforms, and networks.

Mobile testing can either be manual or automated. Manual testing involves using real devices and human testers to test the application, while automated testing involves using tools and scripts to automate the testing process.

Who Uses Mobile Testing?

Mobile testing is an essential part of the software development process. It is used by various stakeholders, including developers, QA testers, product owners, and end-users.

Developers use mobile testing to check whether their code is working correctly and that the app functions as expected. QA testers use mobile testing to ensure that the app is free from defects and meets specific quality standards. Product owners use mobile testing to ensure that the app’s functionalities align with their business goals, and end-users rely on mobile testing to ensure they have a seamless app experience.

Tools for Mobile Testing

Several tools are available for mobile testing. Here are some popular ones:


Appium is an open-source test automation framework designed for mobile applications. Appium supports native, hybrid, and mobile web applications across both Android and iOS platforms. Appium works across various scripting languages, including Python, Java, Ruby, and JavaScript.


Robotium is an open-source testing framework for Android applications. It enables black-box testing of Android apps and is an excellent choice for companies that develop and test natively Android applications. Robotium is primarily focused on functional testing, and it provides excellent out-of-the-box support for testing of native and hybrid Android applications.


Selendroid is an open-source test automation framework for Android applications. It can test native, hybrid, and mobile web applications across multiple devices and emulators simultaneously. Selendroid works across various scripting languages, including Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Example of Mobile Testing

Suppose you develop a mobile application designed for tracking the user’s daily fitness activities, including walking, running, and cycling. In that case, it’s crucial to ensure that the app functions correctly across all devices, platforms, and networks.

To achieve this, you would need to conduct mobile testing to verify the app’s various functionalities, like the GPS signal, device location permissions, camera usage, etc.

For instance, you could use Appium to test the app on various devices and operating systems to ensure there is no platform-specific issue. You could use Robotium to test the app functionalities, such as the tracking of daily activities, while Selendroid could be used to test the app’s login credentials.

In Conclusion

Mobile testing is an essential aspect of mobile application development. It ensures that the app performs optimally, provides a seamless user experience, and is free from defects. Different stakeholders in the mobile application development process can use different tools for mobile application testing. With automated mobile testing solutions, verifying mobile app functionalities across various mobile devices, platforms, and networks is easier and more efficient. With proper mobile testing, users can have a smooth experience while using their preferred mobile applications.

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