Top 10 Reasons Why A CIO Should Use XTIVIA’s Admin On-Demand Service

Experienced professionals, improved efficiency, cost savings, increased productivity and much more!

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The XTIVIA Top 10


  1. Access to experienced professionals: XTIVIA’s Admin On-Demand Service provides access to a team of certified and experienced Salesforce professionals who can assist with managing and administrating the Dynamics and Salesforce platforms.
  2. Improved efficiency: XTIVIA’s Admin On-Demand Service can help to improve the efficiency of the Dynamics and Salesforce platforms by providing regular maintenance, monitoring, and optimization.
  3. Cost savings: Outsourcing Salesforce and Dynamics administration to XTIVIA can result in cost savings for the organization as it eliminates the need for in-house staff dedicated solely to Salesforce or Dynamics.
  4. Increased productivity: By outsourcing Salesforce and Dynamics administration to XTIVIA, internal staff can focus on their core responsibilities, leading to increased productivity.
  5. Access to best practices: XTIVIA’s team of professionals stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and developments in the Salesforce or Dynamics platform, which can provide the company with the most current and effective solutions.
  6. Scalability: The Admin On-Demand Service is scalable, so the company can adjust the level of support as the business needs change.
  7. Flexibility: The service is flexible, so the company can choose the level of support they require, whether it’s full-time or on an as-needed basis.
  8. Proactive support: XTIVIA’s team of professionals can provide proactive support, which can help to prevent issues before they occur.
  9. Compliance: XTIVIA’s team can assist in ensuring that the company’s Salesforce platform is compliant with industry regulations and standards.

Continuous improvement: XTIVIA’s team of professionals can work with the company to continuously improve the Salesforce platform to better meet the business’s changing needs.

In Conclusion

In summary, XTIVIA’s Admin On-Demand Service can provide a CIO with access to experienced professionals, improved efficiency, cost savings, increased productivity, access to best practices, scalability, flexibility, proactive support, compliance, and continuous improvement. These reasons can help a CIO make the most of their Salesforce platform and ultimately achieve their business goals.

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