What Enterprises Need to Know About Delivering Value in the Experience Economy

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In today’s Experience Economy, savvy, informed, and empowered customers control brand success — or demise.

Customer expectations are based on their last great brand experience (compete with Amazon, anyone?). Brand loyalty is hard-won and harder to keep. Newcomer brands can topple established companies as they understand emotional engagement, agility, and emerging technologies. Employees — the backbone of business — are in overwhelm, overload, and have “over it” attitudes, causing brain drain to organizations.

Essentially, the way enterprise has always been done doesn’t work anymore.

Until now, two abbreviations have defined business – B2B or B2C; however, business today is H2H – human to human – regardless of scale or audience.

In this paper, you will discover:

  • The power of the micro-moment experience economy
  • The symptoms of compromised enterprise
  • Why customer experience is not the right goal
  • What keeps enterprises from changing
  • The intangible barometer of success
  • The true goal of digital transformation
  • And more…

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