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October 2019

As we move into the fourth quarter of 2019, we focused this month’s newsletter on action steps and conversations to consider so you can finish this year strong and start 2020 with momentum.


Database Health Checks

Database performance drives company performance. Are your systems optimized and ready for the holiday season – both for the influx of business and peace of mind for your staff?

MuleSoft Connectivity

End-to-end implementations from concept to strategy, from business objectives to agile project plans, to successful go-live and ongoing releases – we have you covered.

Boomi Jumpstart

Getting started with your transformation initiative and adopting Boomi involves key decisions and thoughtful planning. XTIVIA’s agile jumpstarts help you set up your Boomi program for success.

Marketing Strategy Review

The way B2B enterprise has always been done doesn’t work anymore. Every touchpoint is an experience and needs to be thoughtfully crafted. Make sure your marketing is on point with XTIVIA!

We’ve just wrapped up a series of conferences in Orlando, Chicago, and D.C. – it’s always great to see our customers in person. Meanwhile, the fourth quarter is here. Any business initiatives that you haven’t completed or want to get started to carry over to 2020, XTIVIA is here to help you finish strong!

Dennis Robinson

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