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Ataccama is an enterprise-grade Data Governance platform that puts you in the driver’s seat by automatically flagging the data quality issues, discovering potential sensitive data, notifying of data anomalies, etc. It provides a unified interface to manage data catalog, data quality, master data management and reference data management.

Data Quality & Observability

Ataccama’s self-learning engine helps detect anomalies, schema changes, data volume changes, and data quality drops. Pre-configured algorithms help detect data domains and sensitive data. Track data quality with the help of a central rules repository.


Data Catalog

Gather metadata from a variety of data sources, manage granular data ownership and stewardship. Let the automated algorithms assign business terms and suggest business rules.

Master Data Management

Build your MDM-hub faster with rapid data model development, automatic discovery of data quality issues, and AI-suggested and self-improving matching proposals.


Reference Data Management

Centrally manage and provide valid reference data to systems and users in batch and real-time. Configure workflows to match your business processes and manage granular permissions to data. 

Data Stories

Develop metadata-driven data integration pipelines, orchestrate workflows, and trigger them (event-based or schedule). Publish the data pipelines as APIs. Connect to third-party data standardization and enrichment services.

Why Ataccama?

Ataccama ONE is a unified data management platform powered by AI. It is very intuitive and designed for data people (governance professionals, data stewards, data engineers, data analysts, data scientists). It supports all major public cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Google), big data vendors (Spark, Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR), and Kubernetes. It provides a multi-domain MDM out of the box (no need to buy domain-specific MDM solutions). Ataccama’s data quality engine and data observability help us get notified about data issues before impacting business-critical applications. It has flexible deployment options (Platform as a Service, On premise, Hybrid, Public, and Private clouds).

XTIVIA & Ataccama

XTIVIA’s extensive experience in Data Governance and Master Data Management coupled with Ataccama’s AI-powered data platform brings a unique value proposition (a trusted data management services provider that helps you drive value from data quickly). XTIVIA uses its methodologies and best practices to kickstart your data governance program and operationalize it using Ataccama’s powerful platform (data catalogs, data quality, data observability, master data management, reference data management and data integration).


Master Data Management

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