Business Process

Taking your business to a new level–
One efficiency at a time.

Business Process

Taking your business to a new level–
One efficiency at a time.

Start to finish business processes with speed and efficiency.

XTIVIA’s Business Process Management

Business Processes are the lifeline of any successful business. In most cases, business process management can provide a competitive edge as a result of its robust operational efficiency, ease of use, high visibility and agility. To extend the lifeline, XTIVIA leverages tools and technologies to focus on delivering business value. Identifying a process improvement and delivering a quantifiable result is the key to initial success. Subsequently adding more phases/projects and using the expertise learned from the initial process improvement is key to building a BPM program. XTIVIA’s Workflow Framework (XWF), a framework for automating business process and workflows and for implementing user-friendly interfaces for executing and managing the processes, enables business users to expedite the implementation of overall workflow project in a fraction of the time. This results in increasing their time savings and focus on their core business rather than on making fragmented process work.

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Effective BPM solutions shield end-users from the details of the multiple business systems involved in executing a common business process. They enable efficiencies by overlaying a composite application that orchestrates the business process across the various underlying systems and helps the end-user focus on executing business processes. The deployed solutions present users with the pertinent information and required functionality at each step of the process enabling enterprise-wide consistency in business process execution.

Innovation – XTIVIA Workflow Framework (XWF)

The XTIVIA Workflow Framework (XWF) is a robust architectural framework for the implementation of workflow-based business process automation solutions. XWF is a composite application development environment that provides developers with a rich library of UI and SOA components to quickly prototype, build, test, and implement business process automation solutions.

Our BPM Architecture Services

Typical BPM solutions orchestrate the functionality of existing business systems in the context of the business process/workflow. BPM solutions also require a user-friendly interface for execution and managing the BPMs. XTIVIA’s BPM Architecture services assess your BPM needs, Integration Strategy, Application Development Platform, and will develop an enterprise BPM Architecture that best aligns with your Business and your Technology landscape. Our BPM Accelerators and highly experienced staff ensure an architecture that not only adheres to industry standards and best practices but also delivers BPM solutions with quick turnaround time on repeatable platforms.

Our BPM Strategy

  • XTIVIA assesses your current business processes and identifies redundancies, complex workflows, gaps, and other time-depleting elements.
  • We unify redundant or related processes, making for fewer total moving parts.
  • XTIVIA Workflow Framework (XWF) creates a reusable workflow model that standardizes BPM implementations across the board, making for more stable, predictable, and ultimately more efficient business functions.

BPM is all about making your business faster, better, and more fit, allowing you to focus on what matters.

XTIVIA BPM Technology Partners

Part of a Wider Strategy

XTIVIA researches a business’s differing components, then creates a common data structure—allowing data from many different sources to be searched, managed, and clearly understood. By creating a unified management plan, XTIVIA allows your business to generalize its data management (removing the need for expensive specialists), as well as analyze data from a clear and unified perspective, rather than having to patch together results from many different sources. This means that in the end, you get to save thousands of hours, dollars, and headaches, by having a clean data structure.

While your people are certainly the heart of every company, your business processes are its pulse. Choose efficiency, speed, and strategy. Choose XTIVIA.

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