This program is a rapid, low-cost deployment solution for companies wishing to install a basic SugarCRM system. It was designed to quickly and effectively implement SugarCRM, either hosted or on-premise, so customers can begin leveraging the benefits of the system right away. The QuickStart program is for implementations of 20 users or less with minimal customizations. Larger, more complex implementations of SugarCRM can also use the QuickStart model for pilot programs.

Benefits of SugarCRM QuickStart:

  • Rapid deployment/implementation of your SugarCRM system
  • Proper configuration and customization = higher success rate
  • Higher user adoption due to thorough on-site end-user training
  • Maximize return on investment with minimal time horizon

A highly trained XTIVIA consultant will meet with your designated customer contact for 2-4 hours to gather requirements. During this meeting, the consultant will review and collect information about the following topics:

  • General information about your company (sales processes, support processes, etc.)
  • Users, security and custom fields
  • Configuration tasks (products, competitors, drop-down lists, letter templates, workflow automation, reports and dashboards)
  • Basic Data import (account/contact name, phone number, email, address information, title, industry/market)

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