Microsoft Solutions for Business Teams

Put People First for a Seamless Brand Experience.

Personalized marketing tells your customers you understand and can solve their problems, bringing them ever-deeper into your solution.

1:1 Customer Relationships

Personalized engagement throughout the lifecycle sets the conditions that ensure long-term customer relationships through retention and loyalty.

Seamless Brand Experience

Deliver a seamless, valuable brand experience to your customer market, regardless of their touch point, while building your current and potential customer base.

Real-time Customer Analytics 

Data-driven tactical engagement, via easy-to-use interfaces, creates maximum return on strategic marketing investments with higher conversion rates.

Familiar Microsoft Look and Feel

Use familiar Microsoft technologies for end-to-end performance and user-friendly analytics that show dynamic customer needs and conversations without calling for IT help.

Customer-centric Employees

Employees drive innovation, service and bottom-line performance; their engagement is your success. User-friendly dashboards maximize staff productivity.

Delight on the Fly

Generate brand awareness and build your customer base, while delighting customers and cultivating advocacy, with personalized messages and campaigns on the fly.

Suggested Microsoft Solutions:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales — Customer Service — Marketing | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent |Microsoft Office 365 | Microsoft SQL Server | Microsoft Power BI | Microsoft Azure | Microsoft Software Licensing with XTIVIA

Meet your customers’ dynamic needs and wants – based on real-time, easy-to-understand data that reflects their behaviors, preferences, and choices – to drive brand and lead generation through personalized marketing.

Manage your entire digital ecosystem to: 1) drive value with your brand, 2) foster internal collaboration, and, 3) facilitate business growth.


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Live Sessions

Learn the latest from XTIVIA’s in-house experts on topics ranging from digital transformation to what you need to know about Microsoft solutions to implement and use them effectively. To attend our live events, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. 


Explore leading-edge hot topics, best practices and frequently asked questions about Microsoft solutions from both a business perspective and from a technical standpoint. To learn about SQL Server and Azure, visit our Virtual-DBA blog here.

Case Studies

See how Microsoft solutions, powered by XTIVIA services, have been implemented in real-world, complex and contextually-rich situations. Solving problems is XTIVIA’s specialty – here are the success stories to prove it. 

Featured Resource

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & XTIVIA – Accelerating Transformational Success

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a seamless experience across applications and devices—start with what you need today and easily adapt as your needs change. Leverage Microsoft’s leading-edge solutions & XTIVIA’s deep expertise to seamlessly upgrade your business relationships, operations, and ROI.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & XTIVIA – Accelerating Transformational Success

Microsoft products give you the right technology to deliver greater value to customers, optimize employee workflows and streamline operations for both today and tomorrow.


XTIVIA’s experts help you implement them faster and easier.

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