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Microsoft Azure and XTIVIA can take your business beyond the cloud.

Build, manage, and deploy apps on Microsoft Azure with confidence by having XTIVIA as your implementation partner.

Build, manage, and deploy apps on Microsoft Azure with confidence by having XTIVIA as your implementation partner.


Azure over AWS

Azure has more comprehensive compliance coverage with more than 70 compliance offerings. Azure embeds security, privacy, and compliance. Azure is the most trusted cloud for U.S. government institutions.


Open Source

Get support for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) on Linux, Java, and PHP Web application platforms. Develop and test your Linux and open source components in Azure.


Windows Server

Azure provides one of the most cost-effective ways to run Windows Server apps in the public cloud.


Global Infrastructure

Transform your business and reduce costs with an energy-efficient infrastructure spanning more than 100 highly secure facilities worldwide, linked by one of the largest networks on earth.

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Live Sessions

Learn the latest from XTIVIA’s in-house experts on topics ranging from digital transformation to what you need to know about Microsoft solutions to implement and use them effectively. To attend our live events, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. 


Explore leading-edge hot topics, best practices and frequently asked questions about Microsoft solutions from both a business perspective and from a technical standpoint. To learn about SQL Server and Azure, visit our Virtual-DBA blog here.

Case Studies

See how Microsoft solutions, powered by XTIVIA services, have been implemented in real-world, complex and contextually-rich situations. Solving problems is XTIVIA’s specialty – here are the success stories to prove it. 

Microsoft products give you the right technology to deliver greater value to customers, optimize employee workflows and streamline operations for both today and tomorrow.


XTIVIA’s experts help you implement them faster and easier.

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