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Microsoft Solutions and XTIVIA Services can make the data different in your world.

Managed services and solutions for your business needs with SQL Server on Linux or Windows. Microsoft has the trusted products you know and XTIVIA has provided quality results for over 25 years.

Managed services and solutions for your business needs with SQL Server on Linux or Windows. Microsoft has the trusted products you know and XTIVIA has provided quality results for over 25 years.


SQL Server — On Windows or Linux

On-premise, In the Cloud, or Hybrid


SQL Server Health Check

Let our experienced DBA’s perform an in-depth analysis of your system including configuration, performance, availability, and security. We provide a detailed report of your system with recommendations for improvement and best practices.

SQL Server High-Availability

Get sleep at night knowing we are here and your system is healthy. We will help you implement the right technology to ensure your system will always be available when you need it.

SQL Server Disaster Recovery

Microsoft AlwaysOn technology features flexible design options and is configurable to provide both High Availability and Disaster Recovery. AlwaysOn provides options for disaster recovery and balancing the production workload by offsetting reports and backups through the use of one or more secondary replicas.

SQL Server Licensing

We make sure your software is always compliant and that you save as much money as possible. Our team will determine the most effective licensing model for your particular needs.

Managed Services

Managing Your Databases, While You Manage Your Business


US-based Since 1999

Providing Database Managed Services and more, with onshore and offshore options.

Dedicated Certified DBAs

24×7 support, with an average of 15+ years of experience.

Flexible Contract Terms

Full-time 24×7 on-call to on-demand DBA Services.



Scalable to Meet Your Needs


Azure SQL

Azure SQL gives you the ability to support your database needs without the hassle of system support with the added benefit of staying on the latest and greatest technology. Quick to deploy, provides a great location for Proof of Concept development.

SQL Server on Azure VMs

Like the idea of moving to the cloud to reduce the cost of data center management and maintenance? Moving your existing SQL Servers to the cloud can help reduce the overall cost of maintaining your systems. In Azure, there are several additional options for high availability and disaster recovery available to ensure your systems stay up and are recoverable.

SQL Server Backups to the Cloud

Have application which must reside in-house but need to address how to store backups in case of a disaster? Backing up your on-premise SQL Servers to the cloud will ensure your backups are available when they are needed.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Quickly implement a high-performance, globally available, and lower-cost secure cloud data warehouse. Azure SQL Data Warehouse lets you independently scale compute and storage, while pausing and resuming your data warehouse within minutes through a massively parallel processing architecture designed for the cloud.

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Explore leading-edge hot topics, best practices and frequently asked questions about Microsoft solutions from both a business perspective and from a technical standpoint. To learn about SQL Server and Azure, visit our Virtual-DBA blog here.

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See how Microsoft solutions, powered by XTIVIA services, have been implemented in real-world, complex and contextually-rich situations. Solving problems is XTIVIA’s specialty – here are the success stories to prove it. 

Microsoft products give you the right technology to deliver greater value to customers, optimize employee workflows and streamline operations for both today and tomorrow.


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