Cancer Research Organization: Api Platform Evaluation & Roadmap


XTIVIA’s client is the first and largest cancer research organization dedicated to accelerating the conquest of cancer. It fosters cancer research, disseminates new research findings among scientists and members, promotes science education, training, and advancing the understanding of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment throughout the world.


Our client’s Salesforce-centric implementation is tightly coupled with its data model, all core systems and partners, making the overall architecture less agile and prone to business disruption. Hence, the client partnered with XTIVIA to perform a comprehensive assessment to determine how MuleSoft or Jitterbit would align with their business and technology strategy. The immediate challenges to addressed included the following:
  1. Numerous integrations require manual interventions for data synchronization: there are multiple manual uploads for Donations, Sessions, Disclosures, Contacts, Accounts, and Sales Orders.
  2. Users have to maintain numerous credentials, which does not offer the best user experience.
  3. Complex services were used, which require long testing cycles when enhanced.
  4. Process standardization and data governance were not implemented across the current architecture.
  5. Fonteva’s Rules Engine cannot set up complex rules.
  6. Lightning UI controls are tightly coupled with the underlying data models.


XTIVIA reviewed the client’s existing ecosystems, processes, services/APIs, data sources, data usage, and patterns. XTIVIA APIM Product Evaluation Framework was followed based on the following criteria relevant to the business and technical need with higher weightage.

  1. Salesforce Integration
  2. API Design and Development
  3. API Security
  4. API Developer Portal & Analytics
  5. API Productization and Catalogs
  6. MS Dynamics and ServiceNow Integration
APIM Platform Eval Process We found that MuleSoft aligned closely with our clients needs, especially integrating with Salesforce and API Security. Thus, we recommended pursuing MuleSoft as the target APIM platform to our client. XTIVIA Proposed Architecture

We proposed the API-led connectivity approach with a layered architecture:

  1. System API – abstracting the backend system
  2. Process API – containing the business logic
  3. Experience API – providing channel customized experience

API Gateway covers security features like Authentication, Authorization, and Content Threat protection. API portals give every API’s self-service experience both public and private by providing APIs functionality documentation. OKTA Identity Cloud is used to centralize all users and resources that access APIs. Anypoint MQ Messaging provided asynchronous communication between systems.

Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce (CPQ Salesforce) is a sales tool with built-in capabilities of complex rules processing. This product assisted our client by replacing the pricing rules functionality of Fonteva.

XTIVIA API Architecture


The API strategy and roadmap provided our client technical agility and tangible business results, including:

  • Future changes can be made easily and quickly with loosely coupled interfaces, making the impact of any changes minimal.
  • Notifications are sent to the users whenever any failure or a specific event occurs.
  • Insight into success and fail transactions and reasons for failure.
  • Tracking the usage of each API.

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