Prescription Benefit Facilitator (PBF): Azure API Management & Traffic Management


Our client is a family and pharmacist-owned and operated prescription benefit facilitator. Their mission is to deliver an innovative, clinically focused model and provide the industry’s best service. They achieve this by providing a completely transparent, pass-through arrangement which aligns with customer goals while reducing inappropriate drug utilization, improving health outcomes, and guaranteeing savings.


Our client embarked on a digital transformation multi-phase initiative. This initiative included implementing an Application Programming Interface (API) Management Solution on Azure that would align with their API strategy to meet their current needs and future demands. They also sought to integrate an Azure Active Directory (AD) Instance with the API Management Solution. However, our client lacked in-house expertise and needed a trusted partner to provide technical guidance and recommendations to their technical resources. They also wanted to roll out a high availability solution that aligns their business continuity strategy as an organization.

Technical Solution

XTIVIA partnered with the prescription benefit facilitator (PBF) to create a cloud-based API management solution that delivers innovation and integrated Azure AD to manage its authentication and authorization and aligns to their business continuity strategy. Our clients are committed to prioritizing member health and safety, and they are equally committed to empowering their teams through new technology and maintaining the highest security standards. The goal was to implement a high availability solution aligned with their business continuity strategy. The solution also needed to scale for the future while providing the highest level of security while maintaining transparency between on-premise and cloud environments. XTIVIA Engineers implemented a high availability solution by deploying multiple units of API Gateway across the same region and across regions to enable failover and high availability within a geographic cluster using the Azure Traffic Manager. 

Azure API Management Solution

Business Result

Azure API Management Solution with integrated Active Directory (AD) and High Availability Multiple Region Deployments provides:

  • Azure regions and units for disaster recovery scenarios
  • Manage API security from a centralized location, including granting roles, scopes, and policies to PBF partners
  • Flexibility
    • Provide customers’ secure and seamless access to APIs and applications while assuring that their data is protected and masked.
  • Provides the benefit of synching with on-premises enterprise service implementation and AD systems
  • Cost-effectiveness

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