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Infor Fourth Shift Recorded Demo Webinar

Infor Fourth Shift Recorded Demo Webinar

Presented by

Sean Mohan, Vice President of CRM

Use Fourth Shift Middleware to Increase Infor CRM™ Adoption

Integrating Infor CRM with Fourth Shift will provide Infor CRM users the information they need to make better and more timely decisions as well as be able to answer questions more accurately when dealing with customers and prospects.

Fourth Shift middleware will enable a one-way integration between Fourth Shift and Infor CRM on an ongoing basis that includes:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Payments

Sales will have a complete insight into the customer’s order history and patterns, which provides the sales team the ability to project a customer forecast based on history. Sales will have the answers to fulfillment questions at their fingertips, no longer fumbling to find answers.

XTIVIA’s Quickstart program will assist your organization to fully integrate Fourth Shift to Infor CRM and provide a higher user adoption. The Quickstart will provide specific tailoring of the Infor CRM to your organization’s needs. In addition it will provide both on-site User and Administrator training helping to insure the maximum ROI with minimal time.

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