We bring your business vision
to reality through technology.

We bring your business vision to reality through technology.


XTIVIA’s mission is to deliver the right software solutions that enable our customers to achieve desired outcomes while building trusted lifelong relationships with our employees, customers and partners.


If you can imagine the business outcome, XTIVIA can create it with technology.




Integrity, Transparency

Be real, follow-through, speak and act with transparency.


Foster positivity and a family environment.


Long-Term Relationships

Build relationships for life.



Innovate with curiosity, creativity and imagination.



Treat people the way we’d like to be treated.



Sustain passion for continuous progress and to energize others.

Continuous Learning

Always strive to be better.


Your success is our passion. We care about what you want to achieve – then we roll up our sleeves to get it done.

As a solutions provider, our work is almost never the same from one project to the next. Customization and accommodation are built into our personality at XTIVIA. In fact, these are the qualities that enable us to endure and excel over time and through 10,000+ projects.

Speaking of quality, our quality without compromise philosophy starts at the top—with passionate, involved leadership—and flows outward into every facet of our business. While this commitment is reflected in our many awards and recognitions, we find meaning and fulfillment in the satisfaction of a job well done.


As a technology company in a digital business environment, things happen fast.
That’s why it’s so important to anchor our relationships and customer business targets first.

We work hard.

We bring our best to what we do every day. It doesn’t matter where we work from – in one of our offices or remotely, on a PC or a Mac, during work hours or after – we meet our customers’ expectations.

We serve.

Dedication to our customers’ needs, no matter what shape they take, is core to every XTIVIAN’s work ethic. It’s in our DNA.

We adapt.

Every unique problem, industry, and personality teaches us something new. Open minds can expand to innovate new solutions. Agility creates personalized solutions with faster iteration.

We enjoy.

Life is meant to be lived passionately and with balance. Our prescription is to share a good laugh with a colleague daily.


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