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Our experts use the Aqua Security Platform to help you shift your cloud security posture left, making security risk identification and remediation proactive instead of reactive. From handling live security threats to helping your teams handle risks during development – XTIVIA is your trusted DevSecOps partner.

Shift Left on Your Security Posture
with Aqua Security and XTIVIA

  • Are you concerned about vulnerabilities in your containerized workloads?
  • Do you want to enable your developers to handle security issues earlier?
  • Do you need comprehensive protection from exploits from the moment an application is built all the way through to when it’s running in production?

Look to the Aqua Security Platform, a comprehensive toolset that gives you extensive scanning and runtime control for containerized applications and cloud infrastructure.

  • Are you unsure how best to apply security policies to your applications and infrastructure?
  • Do you need help determining best practices for DevSecOps processes in your organization?
  • Do you need help mitigating identified vulnerabilities in your applications?

Look to XTIVIA, a dedicated Aqua Security partner with highly skilled DevSecOps architects and engineers that can help you smooth your Aqua Security implementation and secure your enterprise.


Aqua Security Platform Jumpstarts

Getting started with a Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) requires careful planning and understanding of your enterprise goals and limitations. XTIVIA’s agile jumpstarts get you set up for success from the beginning.


Aqua Security Advanced Deployment Architectures

Working with the Aqua Security Platform at large scale? Let our team of DevSecOps engineers and architects help design a scalable global solution to handle security reporting and automated remediation.


Aqua Security Platform Integration Services

Need to integrate your Aqua platform with other reporting or security tools? No problem! XTIVIA can help you leverage the Aqua API and integration capabilities to ensure that vulnerability and risk data is available throughout your enterprise systems.


Aqua Security Platform Managed Services

Are you struggling to handle a large number of vulnerabilities or security issues in your environments? XTIVIA’s DevSecOps engineers can help rapidly remediate risks uncovered by the Aqua Security platform in your applications or infrastructure.

Our Aqua Security Platform & DevSecOps Expertise

Our DevSecOps expertise and experience working with the Aqua Security Platform extend across all aspects of planning, implementation, and maintenance.

Cloud Workload Protection

Cloud Security Posture Management

Kubernetes Security Posture Management

Software Supply Chain Security

Risk & Vulnerability Scanning


Advanced Malware Protection

Aqua Provisioning

Build & Deployment Integration

Infrastructure Automation


Vulnerability Remediation


Single Sign-On

Our Aqua projects often require integration with a number of cloud technologies; we have extensive experience working with these tools, and can adapt to whatever stack your organization prefers.

If you can imagine the business outcome,
XTIVIA can create it with technology.

XTIVIA is a truly amazing vendor partner. Their collaboration and insightfulness on our projects have all led to successful deliveries that we wouldn’t have made without them. I have given them several tough deadlines, and they have delivered on time and on budget with a superior quality product.

Todd Hamilton

Department Manager, Application Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Long-Term Aqua Security Partnership

Our world-class Cloud and DevSecOps expertise, agile development process, transparent project management, and end-to-end implementation skills make your Aqua Security implementation project smooth.

Our commitment to your success makes XTIVIA your long-term Partner and, in particular, your Aqua Security and DevSecOps Partner.

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