Master Data Management

Data surplus shouldn’t be a burden.
It should be an opportunity.

MDM – Start to finish business processes with speed and efficiency.

MDM Approach/Architecture

First, we concern ourselves with People. Who manages the data sets? Who do they affect? Whose needs are not being met? Next, we involve ourselves in the Process. How can this be done better? How can we reduce redundancy and data travel time? How can we combine processes to make fewer yet more efficient ones? Finally, we implement Technology. Now that we know the needs of our people and have examined the processes to add or change, we know what tools, methodologies, and technology to use and why to use them. XTIVIA’s approach to MDM is what sets us apart. People, Process, Technology. Who, how, and why. That’s what XTIVIA does for you.

MDM Implementation

XMDM integrates disparate data sources by creating a common master data set that every separate system uses, no matter how its file structure is set up. This allows for common metadata, so finding particular results doesn’t require more than a single search. It also means that data metrics can be recorded and seen as a whole, which illuminates bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and bloat; not to mention key strengths and good performance trends that weren’t previously clear.

Data management is a difficult and complex task; unfortunately, it’s also absolutely necessary to the vitality of any organization that uses large-scale software programs. MDM is what gives a huge data set a purpose; it defines how it is structured and used, as well as what goes where.

Imagine a huge filing cabinet stretching from floor to ceiling—Master Data Management is the difference between files just being stuffed in haphazardly and having a clear, concise, and orderly grouping system.

MDM Managed Services

Efficiently managing an enterprise’s master data is critical to providing a clean and unified view of core data entities required to operate the business. XTIVIA specializes in managing the master data lifecycle from its creation until syndication using popular tools or custom solutions. We have a framework to architect, implement, and support Master Data Management solutions regardless of the tool we use.

XTIVIA MDM Framework

XTIVIA master data management framework diagram

MDM Managed Services Coverage Options

XTIVIA’s MDM Managed Services team helps efficiently operate your MDM platform and applications using a proven ITIL Service Management framework. The coverage options include:

Our MDM Managed Services includes the following features:

Proactive Monitoring: Proactive 360-degree monitoring of services, applications, and environments with event filtering and multi-channel notifications.

Application Administration: Our highly qualified and experienced support staff is equipped with industry best practices to efficiently administer your MDM applications, ensuring availability, stability, performance, and integrity of all components.

Development and Management tools: Following development and management tools are used for productivity, efficiency, and visibility: 

  • ITIL-based Service Management tools, JIRA, Confluence
  • Infrastructure monitoring and application log monitoring tools
  • Client-accessible dashboards highlighting key metrics

Application Enhancements: XTIVIA works with the business and IT stakeholders to continuously improve the quality, stewardship, security, and availability of master data by implementing ongoing enhancements to the MDM pipeline and dashboards following industry-leading best practices.

Status Reporting: XTIVIA deploys a dedicated Service Manager who takes ownership of service delivery by continuously monitoring the service metrics, keeping a close eye on critical and high-priority incidents, and managing planned outages and changes. The Service Manager also updates the customer with regular status reports.

Our MDM Service Catalog:

Infrastructure Support Application Support Application Maintenance
  • Server Availability Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Resource Utilization Monitoring
  • Access Management
  • Alerts Configuration
  • Backups and Recovery


  • Access Management
  • Monitor MDM Data Pipeline and SLAs
  • Monitor Data Exception Queue
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues
  • Code fixes
  • Code migration between environments
  • Data change rollback
  • Execute ad hoc SQLs
  • Maintain master/reference data hierarchies
  • Application data backups and recovery
  • Perform impact analysis
  • Provide ongoing enhancements
  • Design and code reviews
  • Document technical specifications and runbooks

XTIVIA Managed Services Framework

Our Managed Services Framework includes People, Process and Technology elements, Checklists, and Best Practices, enabling us to accelerate establishing and operating an effective and efficient Managed Services engagement. Our Managed Services delivery includes continuous improvement of services based on the process metrics.


As part of a significant technology transformation initiative, we needed a technology partner that had deep expertise and the capacity to understand our situation as well as the ability to implement the solution. XTIVIA was that partner. As a result, we integrated hundreds of mission-critical applications in a short timeframe.

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