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Whether you call it Software Testing, Application Testing, Test Automation, QA Testing, Mobile App Testing, Continuous Testing, or Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) XTIVIA has built a QA competency center by standardizing test processes, implementing best practices, and using innovative tools to ensure cost-effective and high-quality product delivery with a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals.

Why is QA Testing important?


Optimize Delivery:

Automating repetitive tasks and the use of templates to help reduce test execution time

Help Increase Quality:

Use of metrics to measure efficiency and guidelines for our team members to follow

Reduce Expenses:

Project cost reduction occurs due to task optimization


XTIVIA’s TCOE focuses on a set of tried and true success factors that have helped us make our client initiatives not only successful but exceed their desired goals. We have a strategic focus for continuous improvement on four key aspects: Process, Knowledge, Quality, and Customer Relationship.

01 Process & Approach

  • Shift Left Approach
  • Well Defined Testing Processes
  • Follows Best Practices
  • Early detection of defects in Software lifecycle with early involvement
  • Customizable Testing Templates
  • Ensures Reusability

02 Knowledge & Expertise

  • Extensive Industry Domain Knowledge
  • Expertise in Automation, Performance, and Test Management Tools
  • Skilled Professionals with Programming knowledge on JAVA, SQL, VB Scripting
  • Cross Functional Training across various teams
  • Certified Resources.

03 Quality & Timely Delivery

  • Intuitive and Informative Testing Metrics
  • Transparent monitoring of progress on project milestones
  • Test Analytics throughout Project Lifecycle to ensure successful project delivery
  • Well suited Testing Automation Frameworks

04 Customer Centric

  • Configuration and execution friendly Test Suite for future use
  • Continuous customer involvement for process optimization
  • Seamless stakeholder and partner collaboration to ensure project success

QA Testing tailored for your project

Let our TCOE Experts help your launch be the most successful to date.



XTIVIA’s Test Center of Excellence has extensive industry experience in providing Testing solutions to various partners. The testing team’s expertise spans multiple technologies through different tiers of software architecture. XTIVIA’s TCOE combines a deep understanding of industry best practices with knowledge in providing various software testing services to offer an end-to-end solution



XTIVIA’s valued team members form our TCOE. Our professional team is well-versed in many areas of testing, certified in various tools, and has deep experience gained from working on projects following different methodologies.

• Average years of experience: 8+ years

• Experience in various SDLC models, with extensive experience on Waterfall and Agile

• Well-versed in testing different software solutions

• Certifications: QA resources have certifications in various domains, testing tools, and methodologies

• Experience in various industry domains: Insurance, Retail, Banking, Rental, Telecom, and Finance

• Expertise in a wide range of open source and commercial Automation and Test Management tools



XTIVIA offers flexible engagement models that are customizable to suit any business needs. Companies face many challenges on business priorities, team dynamics, and budgetary constraints. To ensure successful project delivery, they need a personalized engagement approach that meets the requirements on various levels. Clients can choose from the different engagement models described below or take a tailored hybrid approach.


QA Testing tailored for your project

Let our TCOE Experts help your launch be the most successful to date.



The Testing Lifecycle has various activities to identify and perform for Testing. They are carried out systematically in four different phases to achieve specific goals and deliverables planned for each stage.

QA-testing phases-xtivia-TCoE-image


XTIVIA’s TCOE focus on end-to-end testing helps improve the quality of the software under test. The right tools and skills combined with a practical and optimized testing suite for different application layers result in an efficient testing solution. Functional and non-functional end-to-end testing is performed on Graphical User Interface, APIs, Messaging Layer, and Database based on the requirements of the application under test.



XTIVIA Automation Framework (XAF) is a customized Automation Framework that aligns with most of the automation projects irrespective of the tool. XAF consists of processes and automation scripts that help achieve Test Automation easily and effectively, ensuring maximum reusability and optimization of code, resulting in reduced time and effort.

XTIVIA Automation Framework (XAF):

• Agile-Friendly – XAF allows quick feedback of automation scenarios for continuous Integration and Deployment

• Robust – It is a very reliable and fool-proof Framework with successful Testing Processes being followed

• Flexible and Scalable – The Framework is flexible and easily scalable to match every project’s needs XAF is a one-time setup for any automation tool and has been successfully set up for widely-used automation tools like:


RPA – UiPath


Further, XAF eases testing bottlenecks and delivers faster time-to-market applications, as well as reduces overall testing effort and expense.



Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging business technology and is a complete solution for application integration, automating third-party applications, administrative IT tasks, and business IT processes. XTIVIA’s in-house experts have strong expertise in the Robotic Process Automation – the UiPath tool. The XTIVIA Automation Framework has also been established for the UiPath tool as well.


XTIVIA’s TCOE builds Test Suites as well as Robots that can help the clients achieve faster results with the best customer experience.

Benefits of RPA to Clients:

• Accurate and Reliable

• Less prone to errors with uniformity and consistency

• Increase compliance

• Increased Productivity

• Execution time is faster than a manual approach

• No coding required

• Cost-Cutting Technology

• Increased turn-around time for reduced operational cost

• Easy to configure, deploy, and maintain

XTIVIA QA testing with robotic process automation


With XTIVIA’s vast experience in testing and establishing a formal Testing Center of Excellence, we have gained the experience and knowledge necessary to help our clients optimize their existing testing practice or establish a brand new testing practice. We are here to help, whether to institute processes, implement best practices, or train QA team members on QA standards and tools; we are here to help create a Testing Practice ideal for each client.


• Understand our client’s Test Practice Goals

• Analyze the current state of the Testing Practice (if applicable)

• Analyze the current state of the development practice

• Provide recommendations and implementation roadmap for achieving Test Practice Goals

• Help establish Testing Practice



• Formal write-up with observations, recommendations, an executable plan for implementing Testing Practice

• Repository of Testing Templates

• Executable plans for creating a Testing Practice

• QA Processes that best fit the client

• QA Best Practices and guidelines for an efficient Testing Practice

• Create a Team Structure for the client to implement

• Recommendations on Testing Tools including Test Management and Automation Tools

• Any additional deliverables as required for the client

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