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Platform integration is a catalyst for digital transformation and technology modernization. Cloud-based platform integrations and API implementation are growing rapidly as fundamental elements of digital platform architecture.

APIs are a practical way to plan, implement, and monitor enterprise integrations between different applications and systems as well as ensure data governance protocols, clean data exchange, and ongoing data quality.

By leveraging accelerators and frameworks, implementation time can be reduced and IT teams can focus on operational efficiencies needed for successful digital transformation. And you can make the most of your legacy data as well.


As a lightweight, easy-to-use ESB, MuleSoft offers diverse deployment for iPaaS and Full Cycle API Management. MuleSoft’s flexible Anypoint Platform delivers exceptional data and application connectivity in any environment with reliable security capabilities.


TIBCO’s dependable integration solutions connect any middleware, database, and application from any location. Through Rapid Application Deployment (RAD), your business can quickly develop custom application integrations to match the requirements of your organization and industry.


Informatica’s powerful integration design presents a dynamic, yet easy to deploy tool for any data or application integration activities. By connecting a wide range of enterprise resources, Informatica provides secure, accurate data to maximize business agility.


Boomi’s cloud-based architecture makes it a perfect tool for API design and management, application development, and B2B/EDI management. Enhanced API access and deployment gives businesses the power to pioneer their integration development.


Software AG provides an environment for solutions in all architectural patterns: SOA, A2A, A2C, B2B, EDA, and more. Its encompassing standards lend themselves to real-time B2B integrations with robust visibility, speed, and agility to deliver comprehensive APIs.


Apigee optimizes business processes, streamlines workflows, increases business efficiency, and hosts your API traffic regardless of its location. By remedying backend ESB functionality, Apigee maintains application and enterprise connectivity with minimal errors.

If you can imagine the business outcome, XTIVIA can create it with technology.

Understanding the technology ecosystem, leveraging new and legacy business systems, and building solutions that support agile business processes are key to modernizing technology to achieve business targets. Just as importantly, having a clear path to what your business, stakeholders, and consumers need is critical to overall success in a digital transformation process.

Choosing a partner who understands your ecosystem, industry, and has experience in technology transformation is imperative to success. XTIVIA has been working with Fortune 500 and mid-market clients on Integration and APIs for more than 20 years, partnering with tool vendors who are Leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for API Lifecycle Management, Data Integration, and Enterprise iPaaS.

XTIVIA’s experts understand business targets – as well as how to seamlessly connect your data, IT and business systems – to leverage your technology in achieving them.


With a unified API management plan, XTIVIA allows your business to generalize its integration management (removing the need for expensive specialists), as well as analyze data from a clear and unified perspective, saving your business time and money.


Integration Assessment provides a precise picture of your current environment by identifying existing assets and architecture, then categorically mapping them to surface any gaps. From there, XTIVIA’s experts can make recommendations, quantify project ROI and build a business case for undertaking a transformation process.

Vendor/Tool Selections

A structured evaluation process for vendor and tool selection process can save time, energy and resources during project implementation. Various factors including multiple decision-makers, political environment, tactical needs informing decisions, and year-end budget availability affect the overall selection process. XTIVIA recommends and uses a model that includes assessing functionality and business process, and identifying how the technology aligns with existing IT architecture, as well as viability of the tool and total cost of ownership.

Architecture and Best Practices

Developing a well-designed architecture is vital for technological transformation and must include a collaboration between IT and business teams. Collaboratively establishing and architecture with best practices that include integration reference, guidelines on platform integration, standards and terminology is essential for cohesive success.


 Evaluating and selecting the right system integrator or implementer is a critical decision point. A good implementation partner should understand your industry, which solution best meets your needs, and has a strong partnership with your selected tool vendor. Your implementation partner must have the capabilities to navigate through the entire development life cycle, and have proven methodologies, accelerators and proven best practices they can bring to your project. Implementation success depends on a clear vision, a solid plan and a great team. (And we got your back.)

XTIVIA leverages leading strategies and processes to provide world-class APIs, SaaS, and SOA. So whether your business is dealing with a new installation or a “fixing” a previous implementation, XTIVIA’s developers can handle any scenario regardless of organizational size or project complexity.

Global VP of Architecture
Global Car Rental Company

“As part of a significant technology transformation initiative, we needed a technology partner that had deep expertise and the capacity to understand our situation as well as the ability to implement the solution. XTIVIA was that partner. As a result, we integrated hundreds of mission-critical applications in a short timeframe.”

Data Governance Project
As part of a significant transformation initiative, our client needed to define a consistent future state that will be the foundation for the requirements for the technology teams implementing the future state systems. However, the customer did not have a working body or a decision body that will help define the future state.

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Through API invocation, XTIVIA delivers business value in multiple contexts. We help our clients design reusable APIs and recommend how the APIs should be layered to leverage their power to their fullest potential.

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