XTIVIA’s client is a leading car rental company which operates in more than 10,800 corporate and licensee locations throughout 145 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand. The company is the largest worldwide airport general use car rental company with more than 1,700 airport locations in the U.S. and more than 1,300 airport locations internationally. In addition to car rental, the company also owns the vehicle leasing and fleet management company.


As part of a significant technology transformation initiative, the client had a need to modernize its organization-wide IT landscape by updating and/or replacing legacy systems and integrating the legacy on-prem systems to future cloud-based applications where appropriate. Managing 1,800+ diverse applications with their traditional integration strategies created a bottleneck for future growth. Furthermore, the legacy systems limitations and the existing traditional point-to-point integrations were major roadblocks to rolling out new features and capabilities that the business users need for competitive go-to-market initiatives.

“As part of a significant technology transformation initiative, we needed a technology partner that had deep expertise and the capacity to understand our situation as well as the ability to implement the solution. XTIVIA was that partner. As a result, we integrated hundreds of mission-critical applications in a short timeframe.” – Global VP of Architecture


XTIVIA was engaged to create the Integration Strategy and Reference Architecture which served as a guideline for on-prem, multi-cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, Bluemix) and B2B Partner integration scenarios. Through this strategic engagement, XTIVIA delivered design patterns and templates that should be adopted for various integration scenarios within the client system as well as with external partners. We aligned the Integration Architecture with MuleSoft’s preferred three-layer API Architecture; System API, Process API and Experience/Resource API Microservices Architecture. This autonomous, loosely coupled, scalable, and secured Microservices Architecture was the core of the technology transformation strategy that enabled integration of multiple cloud-based business solutions and orchestration of newer business processes. This is particularly true for the System APIs that expose the underlying systems as a set of granular services that can be mashed up to service various business processes and use case scenarios. XTIVIA also developed Enterprise Monitoring & Management and Logging strategy and helped select the right tools for implementing these strategies. This approach, combined with these powerful tools, enabled our client to proactively monitor the solution components as well as granular transactions. We delivered a transaction monitoring dashboard that allowed the production support team to get end-to-end visibility into any failed transactions and drill down to the root cause of the failure.


The overall goal was to support Business in go-to-market quickly with new products and services to their customers. This was achieved with the Enterprise API strategy. Integrating applications seamlessly, reduced time spent on managing updates and new feature roll-outs and allowed resources to be invested in other projects. Additionally, this new IT infrastructure now has the capability to expand and accommodate growth as future needs present. Finally, by optimizing their technology, they are optimizing their resources, customer reach and saving budget previously allocated to multiple applications.


700+ diverse applications integrated to date 10,800 corporate and licensee locations worldwide KEYWORDS MuleSoft, JSON, XML, COBOL Copybook, Azure, AWS, Bluemix, B2B, Secured Microservices, Splunk SOFTWARE Mule 3.8 version, AnyPoint Platform 6.5.0, CloudHub, AnyPoint Studio, Maven, GitHub, AWS, AnyPoint MQ, JMS HARDWARE Amazon Web Services, Azure, Salesforce, IBM Bluemix Download the Case Study PDF here

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