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Stop worrying about infrastructure costs, high availability, application scaling, and overall system maintenance. Instead, focus on what really matters – delivering value. Move to an architecture that allows you to focus all attention on your users.

With any significant change comes risk; moving to a serverless architecture is no different. XTIVIA has a proven record of helping businesses navigate transformation with confidence and security. Our team will help you move to a serverless architecture while avoiding the many potential risks inherent in adopting a new platform. Leveraging our experience in optimizing software delivery for serverless application development will allow you to jumpstart your move to the cloud and will save you time, money, and effort.


User Experience Design

Rapid Prototyping


Migration Strategy

DevOps Strategy

Deployment Planning

Cost Optimization

Full Stack Development

Move Fast Without Breaking Stuff

Many leading-edge technologies, including serverless architecture, focus on rolling out new features and changes rapidly. However, enterprises need stability and governance as well. Our team of experts will provide the tools necessary to adopt this new paradigm, along with supporting enterprise-grade processes.

Essentially, we help you implement serverless architectures on AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms efficiently – without breaking stuff!

Our AWS/Azure Serverless Expertise

Featured Resource

A Blueprint For Success with Serverless

Serverless applications are taking the development world to the next level; this whitepaper gives you a blueprint for creating a serverless app.

A Blueprint For Success with Serverless

Long-Term Partnership


Our world-class agile development process, transparent project management, and end-to-end implementation skills (all the way from architecture to devops to maintenance) make your project smooth.


Our commitment to your success makes XTIVIA your long-term partner.

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