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XTIVIA creates smart Information Technology solutions for companies in every industry. We’ve been hard at work, designing thousands of unique solutions, for over a quarter century. Better software development, faster application integration, and affordable technical success.
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Vision & Value

XTIVIA stands apart.

Leadership Team

Long-lasting relationships, working to your advantage.

Awards & Recognition

Bringing businesses together in a variety of industries for more than 20 years.


Projects, Partnerships and Award-winning implementations.


Dynamic. Diverse. Dedicated. Be part of
the XTIVIA Team.


Many Locations. One Beating Heart.

What Value Do We Offer You?


If you’re shopping for something new… how do you know you got the best option?
Does it solve the problem that prompted you to purchase it?
Does it allow you to operate better, faster, or lighter?
Was it easy to use and implement?

We start with these questions and work from there. Since we are a full-services IT company, we have the ability to mix and match and to scale up or down, almost any tool or convention in the industry. This means that every client gets a solution that’s as unique as their business—and keeps us searching and striving to offer the latest and greatest.

Tools & Technology:

XTIVIA’s 25 years in business have given us unique insights. We can see what works, what doesn’t, and how to solve problems, both common and uncommon. Using frameworks painstakingly developed through challenges, we transform inefficiency into agility and waste into profit. We’ve truly become a one-stop-shop for all things IT.

We’ve built our legacy on getting our clients from point A to point B. Our strategy begins with carefully discerning our client’s needs and objectives. After big-picture outlining, we begin deliberate, thorough, seamless implementation. Using this end-to-end approach, XTIVIA equips every client with a complete solution.


XTIVIA’s straightforward communication style and transparent policies are designed with customers in mind. We believe that we’re the best in our field, and thus there’s nothing to prove. Our methods and our results will speak for us, and if there are any concerns along the way, we’re happy to address them right then and there.

We have had the honor of crafting great results for world-class companies. Wonderful, talented people at Hewlett-Packard, Kraft, Nintendo, Alaska Airlines, and Huhtamaki, to name a few, have entrusted us with high-profile projects. Rest easy knowing that whatever your company’s size or position, XTIVIA is poised to deliver striking results on your important project.

That’s how we have persisted for 25 years. We haven’t persisted on bullish determination, but on the goodwill and close relationships, we’ve developed with customers. This comes from our strong commitment and focus on our people, who pass on our gracious company ethos at every opportunity. Our people are our power, and that has been true from the very beginning.


We wouldn’t be able to succeed without our industry partners. Tibco, Liferay, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and more. They don’t just accept anyone into their partnership programs; we have heartily earned every certification and partnership we’ve been offered, and we proudly represent the prestigious tools we have access to and expertise in!

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304 South 8th Street, Suite 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80905 USA

Additional offices in New York, New Jersey,
Missouri, Texas, Virginia, and Hyderabad, India.

USA toll free: 888-685-3101, ext. 2
International: +1 719-685-3100, ext. 2
Fax: +1 719-685-3400

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